Thursday, October 23, 2014


I'm not sure about you, but I don't really like talking about death.
Not because I fear death, nor is it the sadness or loss that comes after a death.
I just don't know what to say about death.

I never had a loved one die in my life.
Maybe I'm still young, or blessed, or it's just not the time yet.
Because I know that one day, all of us will come to pass.

The people I love will leave, the people I've known will leave, even the people I know of.
And of course, myself.

But I never really knew how it'd be like;
to experience a loved one's death.

Some say it changes people.

Someone that meant something great to me once, had a loved one pass away.
He changed after that, like a phase of depression.

What do you say to someone who had such a loss?
"My condolence?" "I'm so sorry?"

Does it do anything? Does it help? Does it mend ones broken soul?
Or Is it just a go-to phrase?

The dead don't need comfort, but yet most are held in high regard.
Yet, I think, life isn't held as precious as how the dead are.

The good things should be said when one is alive, no?
Why do people prepare a great speech about someone that will never live to hear such a speech?
Isn't it all vanity?

Why do they mourn and feel an empty hole when one passes?
Is that not vanity too?

For when the person is alive, their breath and very being is taken for granted.
Or perhaps, not cherished.

But to me, that's ignorance.
Living mundanely without acknowledging the very life of someone is indeed sad.

I'm guilty of it.
I think we all are.

So death, a loved one's death, should be one of the greatest lessons yet to learn.

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