Tuesday, September 23, 2014



I haven't been consistently active lately, been pretty busy for the last few weeks.
But I shall make one of those updates soon.

I have quite an important update to announce about my blog!

Firstly, I will be changing my blog's url to..


I figured it'd be more convenient, as all my other social networks' username goes by 'cheelsealee'.

And tbh, the word eloquence bothers me. >.<' HAHA.

You guys may not know this, but I didn't pick 'dear-eloquence' because I am eloquent.
HAHA. But I was fourteen, and decided to look for 'beautiful words' on google.
As I was scrolling through the list, I thought the word 'eloquence' sounded really pretty.
AND, the meaning, 'fluent or persuasive speaking or writing'//''beauty and persuasion in speech' was something I would aim for.. thus, the name of my blog was formed.

BUT NOT ANYMORE. haha, I'm gonna change it.

Secondly, I won't be doing anymore reviews.
My last few reviews was quite long ago.
Until this very day, I still get quite a handful of views from it.

And I don't really want to get views for my reviews (anymore).

So my blog 'cheelsealee' will be completely a personal blog.
I'll be doing my usual life updates;
because I know that several of my readers (or most) are just here to scroll through the photos.
Not really to read most of the content - which, I don't blame.
Because I do write tons. And I guess it'll only benefit those who are interested in my thoughts and not really(or just) my appearance or faces of those that surround me.

I'll also do my other rants, etc.
Just yaknow, all about me *flips hair.
HA, well hence, the name of my blog.

My blog will be a lot about my thoughts, life, updates, surroundings, etc.

So yeah!
I won't be posting anymore posts for the next one month.
I will pre-write all my posts in the following month.
And shall change my blog's url by the end of October.

My new blog 'cheelsealee' will resume in the beginning of November.

Until then,
You can start to see the little changes I'll make on my blog within the next month.

OH. I will also decrease my activity/activeness in all my social networks starting next month.
(I will only go on on Saturdays - trying to discipline and manage myself) ha.


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