→ About Me

→  Hello, I'm Chelsea. Welcome to my blog!

I enjoy eating and taking photos of food. I also like to hear ratings and comments from others regarding their meal. I love planning and organising my life, though, I fail to carry all my plans out.
I am fond of topics on Beauty and Health.
I absolutely like being in conversations regarding God, relationships, and the psychology and theory of certain things.

I am 5'1 and I like being whatever height I'm meant to be :)
I think taking a few trips to the gym every week is worthwhile.
I have a rule of where I eat healthy at home and whatever I want when I eat out, so that makes a balanced lifestyle (to me).
I enjoy listening and singing along to musicals and I love to collect fragrances.
I think flowers and long letters/cards make a lovely gift.
I really enjoy captainball and I'm not a fan of foot sports (despite my name).

Last but definitely not least, I'm a Christian!
I love God with all my heart and am pursuing a relationship with Him above all things.

My blog consists of rants revolving topics that emerge in my mind or life, poems/writings of my feelings, fictional stories inspired by my experience x my imagination (lol), and my daily life.

I hope you enjoy reading (or scrolling) through my personal blog.

Love always.

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