Tuesday, November 4, 2014

September - part 1


September was a very eventful month for me; I have tons of photos from many events so I'll break it down to two parts.

Here are some highlights on my September:

Ice Bucket Challenge

Esther & I were nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge.
I was nominated by Sheleen, Royce, How Uei and Vincent.
I nominated my sister, Helen and Nathan to do it.
Esther was nominated by Ashley.
She nominated her friends.

unfortunately, none of our nominees participated in it.

40 Days Fast and Prayer

Skyline had 40 days of dawn prayer.
I only attended a couple of times for the last week of prayer.
But I enjoyed every single time.

It was refreshing to be amongst brothers and sisters in Christ at such an early time.
Even better, I loved how everyone was into the prayer, worship and blessings. 

Jess, myself, Charis and Josetta!

We went to have soto for breakfast with Jo-Hanna!

Work selfies

Sunday Funday

Sundays are always so fun and relaxing.
For this particular Sunday, it was one filled with selfies, food and Captainball!

We had BK for lunch!

It was just Esther & I for lunch.
I personally enjoy dining with her, more than others.
Maybe it's due to the fact how we are so comfortable with the equal payment, we always crave similar things, I don't need to feel awkward or quiet, and yaaaah.

And not sure about you, but I think Burger King is my favourite fast-food chain.
The quality is just so so much better compared to the others.

And of course, Coffee Bean to end the note!

With Jonathan on the way to the beach!


And a good group selfie for the end!

I love catching crabs when I'm at the beach :3

It's so cute! ermahgersh

Thank you Jo-Hanna for the tea samples :)
Sleepover with Debz!

For a farewell sleepover & an early birthday celebration.
You'll be seeing quite a bit of Debz in September!

We bought what Esther claims to be the best Chocolate Cake...

And yummy snacks!

And movies!
And my Debz Airlines card! hehe

We did the chubby bunny challenge on Snapchat!

It was a highlight of our sleepover.
We were laughing tonsssssssss.
The above is a screenshot of my face by my friend, so I don't have one of Est or Debz.
Our night was pizza, cake, snacks, movies and deep convos.

The next morning..

We had so much fun! I think it was one of the best sleepovers I had.

A selfie of Esther & I on one September night.

Outing with Charis, Jess & Jer'!

We went to hang out for a day!

The three had lunch at KFC.
I fasted, so I didn't eat.
We spent about an hour or so at IS with Jer, where I took a lot of photos with his glasses..

I look smart(er), no? :D

I had such a good time; Got to know Charis a bit moreeeeeee and she's so lovely!

Jess, Charis and I went to have our own girls' talk after!
Later that night..

Dinner with Nath & Esther!

Free ice-cream!

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