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September - part 2

September - part 2

The day of #YOLO :

LOL I was being vain and imitating emojis. Add me on snapchat! @ cheelsealee

One of my students made me a loom band!

YOLO night:

#Yolo is an event held by my youth. We invited the youths in KK to join us, so it was one of our biggest events this year! I served in the ushering team that night. Here are some photos of me with the people from my youth and a few friends of mine who were visiting

Left to right: Abraham, Nathan

Left: Clement, Right: I don't really remember two of their names, as I met them on that night. But Kevin is the one at the back, and Rayson is the one in blue! They're from GCC

Elaine & Chelsie!

How Uei // Charis

Chriscenterl, Joshwell, Abraham, Michael, Isaac, Maxine, HaoJie, Charis & me!

Hao Jie // Samuel

Ariel // Isaac

Isaac & Nick Pang!

Jess // Royce

June - My very good friend who visited // Shelly from GCC

Rayson and his two friends that I met :)

How Uei // Chriscenterl

Charis & more Charis :D

Hao Jie

The ushering committee!

Our whole youth!

Sunday Funday:

This particular Sunday was a full on day for me.
My sister & I attended Skyline that Sunday because we wanted to spend some time with Debz before she leaves for Australia. & it was Charis's last week before she goes back to Singapore!
So 3/4 of the breakfast club spent some time at.. you guessed it, Suria! lol.
After that, I headed to Ariel's 18th birthday party!

3/4 of the Breakfast Club at Suria:

Watched a movie (if I'm not mistaken), had just berrys and our fav food as a group, PIZZA *.*

Ariel's 18th Birthday:

The dresscode.. PINK! haha
There were several people from youth/church, a small group of her ex school-mates, some of her relatives, and majority are her SAM classmates!
Because there were clear-cut groups/cliches, not many people hung out altogether.

I arrived slightly early to help out with the decorations.
So I got to meet  few people from each group.. In fact, I know a few people from all the cliches.
At first, I was with June, who is one of her SAM classmates. But after dinner, I spent quite a lot of time with her Nephew, who is also from my church and in my group, so yeah! After that, we played the classic Truth or Dare with Abraham, Michael, Jewell, Manny and Natasha!

Ariel's nephew - who's name I forgot. >.<' // Nathan

Jewell // Maxine

I met this guy who is a very close family friend to Ariel, but I forgot his name.. um, Derek? Dexter? >.< // Matthew

Sasha, Ariel, Natasha (if i'm not mistaken) and Chrinel!

Jess // Me covering my tum tum with a pillow lewl

Michael & Abraham!

June, June & more June! :)

And last but not least.. the birthday princess, Ariel!

Two days after..

Prayer Walk for KK City:

It's a follow up event for #Yolo, and to celebrate Malaysia!
We decided as a youth, to clean up the streets of our city and to pray for our beloved town.

My group members: Jess, Chriscenterl, Abraham & Andre! (Manny joined us shortly after!)

In the midst of our cleaning up, we decided to tie our hair up cause it was super hot!
One thing we realized: people love to throw their rubbish in the bushes >:(
The grossest thing we found, a sanitary pad. 
The most common thing we found, cigarettes.

At the end of the clean up, our bags broke, it was leaking with rubbish liquid. blech.
Thank God for two big guys in our group who carried the heavy bags :D

I got a splinter in my finger, which Dr Vijia (one of my leaders) helped me squeeze out.
I squirmed, of course. But it was a good experience overall. 

Later on, we went for breakfast as a group in an Indian restaurant, and an aunty from church paid for all of us! How blessed! :)

We decided to meet up with Debz for our 'last lunch' before she leaves to Aussie.
Lol, we had so many 'last' with her.

Craved Japanese, so we went! :D

And they have a small Vedablu stall in Citymall! YAY since they closed down the big shop.. we can finally get some now!

Esther & I coincidentally went all stripey
Sunday Funday:

Esther & Nath - ft his skinnay leg 

This September, I've been loving digestives + milk a whole lot!
AND, yogurt + honey + chia seeds! mmmmmm

One Saturday night at youth, I met this lovely lady Christine!
She came with 3 other men from Australia, and one of them preached about having a dream.
During altar call, many youths came out to be prayed for, including myself.

Christine came over to pray for me, and she started crying!
She told me how God was so pleased with me, and that he favours me.. which it's my third time hearing that! :D So I was overjoyed, and yeah! 

After youth, we went for supper. Christine and I just sat there talking for hours!
Despite our age gap, we felt an instant connection between us.
We believe that it is a God-destined connection, and yeah! She was absolutely lovely.

A work selfie with these two cuties!
Now to end September with a truly fun Sunday..

For the month of September, I've been having my hair in waves.

Holding a pot with my ootd lol. (our church had a function)
After church, we went to Oikos - a furniture shop to have a look around.
It was fun, as they had very nice furnitures. Our house will be done by next year, so the fam' will be looking for furnitures! In the meantime, Esther & I decided to fool around by taking photos.

I be creepin'

lol. That's the end of my September!

October will be coming up soon! :)

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