Monday, November 11, 2013

How I study - Part 1



My exams are ovaaaaaaaa :)

Ways to end this year in freedom:

1. Finish your O levels exams
2. Finish school
3. Finish work

So as some of you may know,
I just finished my O levels exam last week, on Wednesday!
So for the last two or three months, I've been studying pretty hard for it.
It's kinda a built-up thing. I won't say I've been studying consistently at the same intensity or effort.
However, as exams drew near for me, my efforts fluctuated.
As in there are days where I just procrastinate THE. WHOLE. STUDY. TIME.
And that's pretty nasty, especially when exams are just several weeks (or days) away.
And there were also days where I really truly study.

And for the last two weeks or so,
I actually grew to like studying.
(LOL surprise surprise)
I've never been the type to study btw.
And I never really have gotten good grades.
(Apart from like my last O level exam, for English)

But I guess studying has been a great distraction for me.
Like honestly, heartbreak or sadness, just study.
It's beneficial and really gets your mind focusing on things that should matter.

So here's a post on how I study.
Notice the 'I' underlined and in bold?
Like no guarantee that my studying 'tips' or 'ways' will get you good grades.
I don't even know what my results are until early next year :B Lewl.
But I definitely will stick to this studying routine.
And I wish I made it a lifestyle, or stuck to it like months earlier.

Regardless, here's How I study :)
OH. It may be more helpful to students who are taking Business Studies/Commerce.
(I'll be writing my most recent study routine, especially for this two subjects on part 2)


  • ENGLISH : O-levels
For me, English is my first language, so I didn't need intensive learning.
However, there's always room for improvement.
The biggest and easiest tip according to every teacher and adult out there,

Just simply read.
It will help you tons, apparently.
So making reading a lifestyle will be highly useful,
especially for those who do not want to study thaaaat much.
If you're not much of a reader, perhaps you could find those audio books.
Or even as a start, read like a blog.
If you're reading this, that's a start :P

haha but seriously though.
A friend of mine, which is the only person who got an A* with me in English,
suggested a friend of ours to read my blog if she wants to improve her English.
Which I found complimenting. :) Aw shucks.
But truth be told, I do write like a lot.
Like if you actually read every single word I write, I applaud you.

Because my rants are super long.
But if you decide to take my friend's suggestion,
I think he's referring more to my narratives.
Which you can catch up on a series I haven't finished:

However, I'll cut the crap for English, because I didn't really do that much.
Like I didn't really read that many story books my whole life.
I was only interested in certain books;
And I wouldn't call myself a bookworm, though I'd like to be.
But libraries here suck, and books are pricey here for a one time read.

So how I prepared for my English exam was this;
My teacher gave me a book about 2-3cm thick.
(A dictionary is about 4cm)
It contained all the past essays, which O levels students who did well in their exams, wrote.
It was sectioned in the different essay types;
(argumentative, descriptive, narrative, informative, personal and situational)

I would read all of them, highlight/circle the vocabulary I didn't know.
I would look for the meaning, and write them alongside.
If I could recall, some of the words which were used a lot were 'avail' and 'irk' -
among other super complicated hard words which are absent in my vocabulary.

Apart from this, I tried searching for other vocabulary.
I then made a list of all these words, and had several synonyms for each word.
I had 4-6 pages long of vocabulary to remember.
This was helpful to expand my vocabulary for essay writing,
and prepare for the mysterious vocabularies which I would be tested on from my comprehension.

So this was pretty much my main self-preparation for English.
Other than this, I wrote several essays.
It is advised to write at least a 350-600w essay a week.

When I first decided to enroll for it, 
my teacher actually predicted that I would get a B for my O-levels English.
However, she said if I worked hard on it, I could possibly get higher.

P.S- I did O-levels English, which is under Cambridge.
My particular examination (The one I got A*) was sent to UK and marked by someone under the Cambridge syllabus.

The mocks I did at my school (which is a tuition center to prepare students for their examinations),
I didn't do quite well. The highest I would get on my essays are A- (And that was only once).
I would usually get a B+ which kinda sucks haha.

But thank God for giving me the strength to prepare for this,
and with his abundant favor poured out for me,
I managed to pass with flying colors!

I finally received my certificate from them! hee :)
Like honestly, I don't have 'good' English.
I truly believe it's God that helped me excel in this.
Even my blog posts have grammar mistakes at times. lol
people make mistakes kayyy :B

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