Friday, November 15, 2013

More questions

Well Hello there! 

If you could tell, (from my screen shots) I changed my phone. 
My mum got a note 3 so she passed me her S3. And ill pass my sister my iphone 3gs.
Yesss we're all about passing down. :B

Actually, I miss my iphone. 
Even though it's old, I find that it's much easier to use? And apple definitely has many more great apps which is unavailable for Samsung.

So ever since my exams were over, I've been on this phone all day err day.
Like seriously. 
I need to start picking myself up before I get disgusted at myself. 

Ive been relaxing (slacking) after exams.
Like every single day. 
And if I don't pick my life up soon, I will be
messed up.

However,  it's only been about a week ish, so it's not too late. Plus, i think I deserve a short break after exams. Teehee. 

But I won't lie, I really have taken relaxing to a drop in my life standard. 
Like truth be told, I missed a few devos and was on my phone till 2am + ;
I haven't worked out for two weeks.
Firstly,  because of exams. But I told myself to be consistent once its over. And.. I haven't been to the gym after exams o:

Yea, I know.
You don't need to spell S L A C K for me.
I got that sorted. 
Seriously though, 
I need to pick myself up.
I have to.
I've got tons of to-dos,
And time ain't waiting for nobody. 

On the other hand,
School ended today!
Yay yay yay yay.

Oh! And notice the slight changes in my layout? I even added some gadgets/widgets; 
I even reactivated my!
So feel free to bombard me with questions! 

My twitter is also shown through my blog,  for those who don't have twitter.
See? Told you my twitter is a whole lot on feelings and such. 
Im thinking of making it private due to my openness. Hmmmm

I'll blog soon, 
And end this post with these three questions which I haven't done in a while! 

Bye lovelies! 
Until then :3

Answer: if it's someone I'm emotionally attached to, I wouldn't say it back at the start.  Idk why.. perhaps i take the expression itself very seriously- especially when it's dealing with emotional attachment. And I usually would kinda go all numb mentally,  and just well.. idk, I just wouldn't say it at back at first.

If it was a casual form of expressing it to a friend or what not, I'd say it back. But in a mocking way. Like 'nawwwwh luv u too bebs' or I kinda wouldn't spell it out fully. Maybe 'you too' or if you're lucky,  I may add the love :P

Answer: probs my breakup (s)


  1. whats your ask fm and yes u should make ur twitter private

  2. you hardly say i love you to me when i say that :[ saddo