Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rant: puppy love

Hello s'more.

S'mores. Hm. Have you tried it? I haven't, but i would like to someday! Haha. If I'm not mistaken, it's melted marshmallows and Hershey chocolates sandwiched between two biscuits? Yes? No? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Wellllll a few days ago, someone - I'll leave the person anonymous just because I'm sure that person would want me to for some weird reason. Well that someone was telling me how in this generation, love, young puppy love is so unromantic and mediocre and boring and typical and revolves around technology and social networks.

She was saying - oops gave her gender. soweeee.
Anyways, she was saying how relationships these days are nasty. As in most relationships start off with a text, or a facebook message, or something to do with technology. She was saying how in the past, to actually talk to someone, people put all the effort in writing letters, or trying to climb up people's balconies.
okay, well that's awfully creepy. If any guy were to climb up my balcony, I swear he'd die because my balcony is freaking high, and even if he made it up, I'll probably push him off for stalking me.
No jokes, like seriously. Please don't.

But I really did understand where she was coming from.
Most, if not, all the relationships I've been entangled with starts off with hm, technology.
I mean, yes, you may get to know or come across the person in person.
But because this generation has advanced so much, most people put the effort into finding people's numbers, or facebook, etc to connect to someone. You know? "The Chase"? Where you find out all about the person, the personal conversations, the exchange of  lifestories and such. Yea, they all, if not, mostly occur in a form of technology.

And it's completely understandable. I mean if I were to put myself in the other person's shoes,
instead of approaching a stranger or an acquaintance in person and sharing my personal appeal or attraction I have for this person, I'm sure I'd come off as a creep. So most people take the easy way out of not going through all that trouble of sharing your interests for someone, and risking a high chance of being rejected.

The girl who brought this subject up to me though, would debate in saying that this generation has twisted things that personal approaches would come off as creepy. In a way, I agree with her part of the story, but I can see why people take the other route.

So as some of you may know, haha, I posted a picture on instagram of me and this tiny bouquet I got. But there's actually a story behind it. Like okay, firstly, do people not read captions? I stated "Blushing but my heart ain't racing." means I don't like the person. Like man, people were commenting as if my boyfriend sent me flowers. I wish. No, I actually don't. I don't have a boyfriend. And the guy who sent me flowers actually isn't even close to that.

Okay, so the story behind it.

I was at school teaching this guy Maths. So like, some guys like to joke around with me about how I don't give them a chance. It's funny, because most people assume that I like 1. Guys who are buff 2. Guys who look good 3. Guys who are super rich.

Like honestly. UGH. These people are so shallow. Like I had this guy friend of mine once, who was jokingly saying how to win my heart, the guy has to buy me like tons of things. dfnaofinaoidnaia die. Seriously. I don't even let guys pay for me. When I was in a relationship, I insisted on paying everything for myself.

Anyways, continuing on with the story, we were with several other friends; And he asked for me to give him a chance, like always, as a joke. And I said no. Then he's like whyyyyyyy. And I said "Hm. If you give me a flower every single day, I'll consider." as a joke. I didn't actually think he would do it. But he did.

So yea, that's a short story. THE END. haha

But no, after that, I was talking to the girls about things like such.
Like I know that many girls actually get confessions, and seriously, if these guys are wondering why theirs are so meaningless, it's because firstly, the girl doesn't like you. And secondly, it's typical.
Most confessions and expressions are stated so frequently that it becomes almost meaningless.
Like at least make an impression that your free confession with expectations are worth something.

You know? Like the girl is right, this generation is so twisted I don't even know which side I'm on.

For guys, of course don't go sending flowers or extra effort to someone you're not serious towards.
I mean it's not like you guys would go that far anyways, because well, it's quite far off and not common.
Like imagine putting an effort to someone and being rejected.
Actually, no, I think it's okay. You'll look sweet.

See what I mean? I don't even know which side I'm on.

So as I was talking with three other girls about this, they all agreed.
Which I was surprised. I mean look around you. Most of the confessions are so typical.
All the flowers girls get are either on valentines day or on their anniversaries. Way to go.

But actually, in every girls' hearts, they long for romance.
We're all created in the image of God. God craves for romance. He craves for us.
Which left me thinking a few days ago, as a girl, I'd like a guy to do all these things for me.
I want a guy to chase after me, to try to win my heart. Not receive it freely.

So I asked God, what can I do to win his heart?
His heart as in God's heart.
God loves romance, God loves relationships. And women is created to reflect parts of God.
Emotional, beauty, and how are hearts long for romance.
These are things in women that reflects God.

So as a guy should think "What can I do to win her heart?",
I think all of us should and can think "What can we do to win God's heart?".
You know, we put all these effort in pleasing people. Yes, it's okay,
but have you thought of how you could please God?

I mean bible reading, prayer, worship are only the minimum we can do.
What can we do to win God's heart?
Like have you thought about it? Maybe God has something he secretly wishes we did to win his heart.
Maybe he's saying "You say you love me, but your words only show and express it to a certain extend."
Actually, God did say similar! In Matthew 15:8 - "These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

So food for thought, instead of doing the basics of what we should do in chasing someone, in having a relationship with someone (AND even God); Like keeping the conversation going, checking up on the person, complimenting them, giving part of your time to do those things; (praying, reading the bible, serving, praising), etc. Is there something more we can do to win the person's heart (And God's)?

:) HA food for thought.

happy chasing.

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  1. Did you know, that how the groom treats the bride is supposed to reflect on how Jesus treats the church?
    Since the church is the bride waiting for Jesus to come pick her up.

    I've learned SOOOOO much about being a man from what Jesus and God is doing in our life.

    It's a very interesting topic. Not about how we can win Gods heart. But about how much God has done to win ours. It's honestly mind-blowing.