Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rant and updates

Hellooooooo :)

It's been about a month since my last post. I've been fairly busy, and partly the fact that when I place myself in front of the screen, I have nothing to say.

I have accumulated photos from the last few months in my phone gallery, saved drafts with a heading but a blank content, and, conceived thoughts and feelings that come out empty.


I hate feeling that way, attached. It's needy. And with needs come expectations. Don't you hate the feeling? Of being reliant on someone else to fill your emotional hole. Of needing someone, or needing how they make you feel temporarily. In fact, being attached overall sucks. Because someday when you can't keep up with the pace, or quicken it, you have to break it off. It's only necessary. And then the whole detached feeling sinks in. Sigh. I don't like feeding my emotions. Why is it always hungry?

Wow, I use the weirdest metaphors. 
First, giving birth and now hunger.

Speaking of hunger, I've been experiencing that alot. I'm on a fast now, and it's not painful. It's actually okay. I'm fasting on the skip a meal a day thing, and a personalized one, which is no skin makeup.

OH. and I've been on this "healthy diet". hahaha
Yea, no, but I mean it's a balanced diet.
I drink like a vege/fruit juice daily now!
AND on school days, I eat an apple a day to keep my metabolism in play.
hey that rhymes. yea, i intended it to.
It's funny, because although I've been doing it for like about a week,
every time I take an apple out, people give me this look.
Yaknow, that 'you're holding an apple look'.

Or, they ask me
'Do you like eating apples?'
Actually, I don't.
but lately, I eat anything that comes my way.

HAHA wow okay imagine the sight of that.

But yea, by a balanced diet, I actually mean I eat anything I want.
So no, I don't starve myself, nor do I completely cut away fats or sugars.
'course not, silly.
When I go out, like when I eat out with people, I actually eat.
And when I'm at home, I try to go for like what, eggs and vege/fruit juice.
oh and chocolates occasionally.

What I consume sure does sound interesting huh? HAHA.
Maybe I'll do a series on that. HMMMM.

Lately, I've been indulging myself in this really awesome korean drama.
It's called: BOYS OVER FLOWERS <3
and yes, it's amazing. go watch it. really.
It is THE perfect remedy for a heartbreak, or boredom.
Not that I'm bored or going through a heartbreak.

Nah seriously, I'm not.
I'm actually doing okay.

Speaking of okay, remember how I mentioned about my English o-levels exam awhile back?
on this post? Yea, well, my results came out.

so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ANYWAYS. moving onnnnnn

hah jokes, okay. seriously though.


I got an A*

I'm actually happy. I'm really glad I got an A star!
Because actually, I prepared myself beforehand on a emotional ladder.

A* - I'd be happy
A - I'd be happy, but a tad sad
B - I'd be sad
C - I'd cry
Anything lower than a C - you know

And I'm really thankful. It's by God's grace that I got an A*
And not just an A, but an A*!
So thankyou God :)
AND, it's actually my first A. Like not A for achieved -
cause in NZ that's what A is. but you know, the good A.
So I'm happy, and quite motivated to get A for the rest of my subjects.

Of course, I'm also thankful to my English teacher, which is also my principal.
Because she helped me prepare alot for this, and yeeeaaa.
I'll thank her when school starts :)

So anyways, here's a few photo updates.

Esther and I finally got to eat Baskin Robbins in Suria!

me being a camwhore.

YEA, haha okay bai!

I'll blog soon, I promise.