Thursday, August 15, 2013

Emotionally worn

What makes me happy?


Why is it when I seek you,
It seems insufficient?

What do I want?
Almost, or so it seems nothing.

Why are my tears from pain,
Are you not my strength?

How is it that I fall weak,
Is it not, your joy my strength?

Where are you,
In the darkness of this bright place?

I'm trying.
Why does it seem like I fail?

I'm smiling.
But where is the joy that emanates true beauty?

I'm silent.
But why is my heart bitter?

I'm changing.
But yet I'm in a place been but not found.


  1. u r psalmist 2.0

  2. That's so complimenting :) thankyou! David is definitely someone I really admire, and his love for god, openness and intimate relationship really inspires me, and makes me desire for the same in my relationship with god.