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Well, I don't really have that much to say, since I'll still have many more years with you.
But I wanna wish you a great birthday. you're 15!! yaay.
HAVE A GREAT TIME BEING 15. enjoy the moment, seriously.
15 is like man, i can remember me with my uneven eyelids and all.
AND, when I was 15, I had my purity ring dedication.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed whatever that was planned for your birthday.
Even if it wasn't that spectacular, do know that you're very blessed by our lovely God from above :)

Thankyou for being in my life for 15 years.
I remember us as little kids, you always being that little one that tags behind me.
Being bossed around by me, being my partner in playtime and what not.
All that shiz, man, our childhood was like AMAZINGGGGGG.

And ofcourse, there were those bad times where I thought I'd like to kill you.
And times where I hated you and all.

look where we are at now.
most people practically think we're bestfriends.
like legit, you're probably that one person that knows me more than any other human being.
Strange but it's le truth.

Especially since we're all grown up and all (I'd like to think - heheh)
we all get along really well, especially you and I!
AND. for the last 1 year, moving here has brought us so much closer,

But yea, thankyou. for being the best person I can just go around with.
Honestly, you're like 98% of my camwhore buddy now.
Thankyou for helping me through my times of trouble.
Thankyou for crying with me when I cried, awwwww :)
Thankyou for always relating my circumstances to God.
Thankyou for thinking I'm secretly pretty even though you've seen me at my absolute worst.
Thankyou for sharing your secrets with me :D
Thankyou for your friendship in this sisterhood!

HAHA so anyways. enough of le sappy talk, though not really.
Here are some photos of us! YAY

LOL tiny us.


OH, i got a little something for you.

(From several close friends of yours)


If you could describe Esther in 3 words, it would be:
EMILY: In three words, I would describe Esther.. Um. Lovable! Bubbly! And, GORGEOUS <3>

What is the best thing about Esther?
EMILY: Best thing about Esther is that she really understands how people feel and when she knows they're down or having a bad day, she always use her magical powers and brighten everyone's mood and day  plus, I love her facials she makes.  Who doesn't love her facial ;)

You know you are Esther if.....
EMILY: You know you're Esther if, you buy cheap things to save money ;D CHEAP ASIANS >:3 (eg; monkey pencil case ;3)

I can't find a picture of just you and Andrea, but yea.

If you could describe Esther in 3 words, it would be:
Crazy amazing mongoose

What is the best thing about Esther?
  • It's impossible to say only one thing about her that's better than all the others when everything about her is amazing but I love how she's a crazy, hilarious little mushroom! She doesn't realise how special she is but she makes everyone around her so happy with her amazingly unique personality. She has the best reactions and facials ever! I love how we had the best and most interesting little conversations ever and the way she could make us smile by just being herself. I love how surprisingly she was one of the people I've ever trusted the most, I probably haven't told anyone half of the things I admitted to her. I love her mindset and the ways she stands for what she believes in. I love her little fits of rage hahaha. I love the way she talks and her little actions. I love how she's so talented and tbh she's pretty much perfect (woooo being mushy right now). But most of all, I love how she would always just make our days with the little things she'd do 
    You know you are Esther if...

    YOU'RE INCREDIBLY FORGETFUL haha. If you're madly insane (in the best way possible). If you talk really fast and animatedly. If you make up little rhyming/random expressions and use them frequently. If you send loooong messages! If you rage at innocent strangers . If you would go to certain lengths to get sick if you wanted to stay home from school! If you think of weird and innovative ideas . If you explain things in the most interesting ways! If you enjoy teasing Andrea -.- If you love bacon a little too much! If your friends in New Zealand miss you soooooooooooooo much 


    If you had to describe Esther in 3 words, what would it be?
    ummmmmm crazy, sweet, and beautiful 

    What's the best thing about Esther?
    how she is able to choke on udon and still live  naaaaaaaah jokes the best thing about her is ........ how she is able to make people feel really special 

    If you could give her one advice, what would that be?

    hmmmmmm the piece of advice i would give her is not choke on udon  and to be able to grow more spiritually in God 


    If you could describe Esther in three words it would be:
    cute , weird (not that kind if weird but special Thumbs up sign ) and funny !! 
    What is something you've always wanted to tell Esther?
    Hey Est ! Happy birthday Birthday cake you are the most special friend that i ever had ! although ppl say you're weird but HEY ! you're NOT ! they're the one who are weird and they didnt even know you. Also , you're always the one that always make us laugh you funny little est !! Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy and yeah , *BABYYYYYY I LOVE YOU* (if you still remember) HAHAHAH :P thank you for coming into my life est :') once again happy birthday double have a blast ! ngeheheh ! lub uBlack heart (cards) 
    What is the best thing about Esther to you?

    She's the best friend that i ever had and she's my favourite Face throwing a kiss love her to bits xoxo.


    What is the most 'special' thing about Esther to you?
    the most special thing about esther is probably her personality. she is that kinda girl that does not give a dam about how people think of her and holy eff she will always somehow make me laugh. i love how she is just so nice to like everyone and is one of those friends that will always be there for you  i love her so much! esther is just so amazing in so many frickin ways but i reckon her kind heart makes her so special :')
    First and last impression of Esther
    first impression: HAHAHA OKAY I WAS SORTA LIKE HMMMM... SHE SEEMS LIKE NOT MY KINDA FRIEND... i remembered she laughed a lot but i really wanted to be her friend coz she seemed so nice! 
    last impression: i actually cried after she left my house (the one time we actually hanged out and that was like a few days she left b4) i felt so depressed, like honestly esther always made my day so cheerful and omg i just miss her so much  but overall my last impression was aw she was one of my bestest friends and i will still be in contact with that chick in the years to come 
    You know you are Esther if.....
    you know you are esther if you don't give a crap about what people think of you and constanly keep laughing at my "funky" jokes

    First and last impression of Esther?

    Oh damn, sexy gurl aye c; haha at first I thought, woah! Fank god, now I have someone to talk chichong with aye  but then, nek minit, "ni hao, zai jian" duh end. haha, so obviously my first impression of her of her sums up to one word, "interesting" 
    Last impression: 
    Came to my kitchen with Emily. Then knowing that it will be my last time seeing her  still remembered she went in the car with her beautiful smile and drove off  *woooosh* But last impression sums up to one sentence "still sexy and beautiful no matter wut 24/7 aye" 
    What is the most 'special' thing about Esther?
    SHE'S SPECIAL INSIDE AND OUT. Her attractive personality, BRAH! -.- you ain't gonna find another Esther like her.. Humor, sexy, beautiful, cute, Asian, dramatic, talky chatty, amazing, lovable. Well yeah just submit all the compliment words  because all of them suits her. Just like her mama and her sisters c; but she's a bit extraordinary because she has that little bit extra on her that she's hiding ayeeeee. But yeah, let's sum it up, personality 

    You know you are Esther if you....
    She always has a positive attitude, which makes her very bright and outgoing. As I said, her personality is extremely  which attracts a lot of bois and gurls 
    She has her own little secrets that she won't tell anyone but in some cases she will because of certain reasons c; the way how she treats her frands makes us think "GURL, I'M NEVER LETTING HER GO" but yeah haha  that's ma thoughts.

    If you could describe Esther in 3 words, it would be:
    loud, funny, caring
    What is the best thing about Esther?
    she can probably brighten anyone's day 
    Something you've always wanted to tell Esther:
    just so you know.. over the five years that i've known you, i think i started to really admire how you look at things and how you're really down to earth and like how you aren't influenced by trend and how you're so honest. can you just like come back to nz already:3


    If you could describe Esther in three words it would be:
     three words : hilarious, godly, mature
    What do you see Esther like in ten years? 
    in ten years I see Esther as a beautiful independent young woman, kind and caring as always. She would be slightly taller ( hopefully :P ) but would've grown so much spiritually as well as mentally and physically. In ten years she would be a woman after Gods heart, and set on fire to share His gospel, she would have what she's always desired - a relationship with God. Maybe ten years into the future may be pretty crazy to think about, but even though it seems quite a long journey there, I know her path in this journey is the right path, and though she may hit some rough patches or difficult times, she will always get back on her feet and continue to trust God. She and I may not be best friends in ten years like we are now, but she is one unforgettable girl and as she turns fifteen, I will swear - cross my heart and hope to die - that I will never ever forget how much this girl had helped me, through thick and thin. She truly is blooming and maturing. I'm so happy and proud of her for making the right decisions and always standing up for her rights. Maybe right now she doesn't see herself as pretty or gorgeous but in 10 years she will be able to say to herself "I am beautiful." And have confidence in Gods plan and purpose for her life. She's honestly the best thing that's come into my life and I can see her in 10 years, being a proverbs 31 woman.
    What is an advice you'd give Esther generally?
    u my friend, need to look in the mirror and tell urself ur beautiful. Because so many of us look at u and see this gorgeous beautiful girl with an amazing personality and a great sense of humour, but ur wasting all of what God had given u by just saying you're not any of what I just described. And one more thing, never stop those facial expressions. Those are gold. I swear if I come back in ten years and ur not doing them, I will slap u silly. DON'T STOP WALKING WITH UR LEGS CROSSED WHEN U WANNA PEE. That's a gold too! And make sure u keep talking like a black woman with ur classic "Ain't nobody got time fo dat". U make my day, and ur amazing as u are! Thank u so much Esther. ILY TO BITS *virtual footsie



    Hope you enjoyed reading those things from your closest friends :)

    the best sister in the whole wide world.


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