Wednesday, August 21, 2013


When I look into your eyes,
My empty stomach filled with butterflies.
Your hair is just so fine,
Your smile is bright they shine.

With a blink of an eye,
All the memories come flooding by.
Remember how I told you it would never last?
It's just the same as what happened in the past.

It's quite funny how I can't forget everything,
Or even strange how I still don't regret anything.
Maybe it's cause we were about to fall crazy in love with each other.

I still remember how with just each word you say,
It puts sunshine in my empty skies everyday.
You whispered 'colorful' -
Which is the beauty of I love you.

This time, I'm really tired of pretending that I'm okay. 

I don't blame you for breaking my heart,
It's also me for not playing my part.

Maybe a promise is just a childhood pinky swear,
Or you just doing someone else's dare.

Behind those smiles and small-talks may end up being lies and cruel mockery.

And back then, we never knew the laughter and fake grins could end up being a denial of our tragic ending.


Hahahaha. That's my 13 years old + masterpiece poetry for my first heartbreak. Amusing how I could rhyme and piece out a silly empty nothing into that. 

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  1. Whoa, can totally put metal screamo music for it.