Tuesday, August 20, 2013



So it's 1am and I'm in bed trying to sleep. Not that I can't sleep, I probably can because my eyes are hurting. X.X

But it's like a horrible habit of mine. In fact, it's one of the worst habits I have. It's very much unlikely and rare to find me sleeping before 12am. Even when I don't have a reason to stay up, I somehow find something to delay my bedtime.

No wonder my dark circles are darker and I'm getting alot of break outs. :(

So lately I've been very determined to have a 'balanced' diet as some of you may know. 

This morning, I woke up and quickly juiced a pure vege juice - which actually tasted pretty plain, not like the good water taste kinda plain, but the weird kinda plain taste. My juice consisted of cucumbers, lettuce, cold water and tomatoes. Yeaaaaa, I got a few people to smell it. One said it didnt smell bad, and smells like vege. Another one didn't like the smell and said it smells kinda sweet. Which is strange because it really wasn't. And how Uei was avoiding it and just gave me a nasty face. It really wasn't that bad :D haha. Surprisingly.

Anyways, so I pre-juiced my juice for tmr tonight. Because I honestly don't feel like rushing tomorrow morning so yea, I took some pictures and all.

So here is a plate of my juice ingredients for these few days.


A green apple chopped up, some lettuce, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes.

Oh, I also added cold water, 2 table spoons of plain yoghurt and half a lemon juice to preserve it overnight. 

So I started off by blending the green apples and cherry tomatoes because they take awhile to blend compared to like lettuce. And I added some cold water, just enough to cover half of the remaining. It helps to blend faster.

After it's blended, I added the rest of the ingredients, along with my yoghurt and half a lemon squeezed, and a bit more cold water.

So the result of my juice is 700ml.
It's not actually alot. It should be able to fill up two mugs/cups.

So for me I re-used this bottle, I'm making it my vege bottle just because I don't want to contaminate my other bottles with weird vege-fruit juice smell. And I reckon it's appropriate since this bottle originally contained juice. Here is 400ml of my juice.

So now, i have 300ml of juice left and I'm gonna drink it for breakfast tomorrow!

Oh and last night I boiled my cauliflowers, and pre-cut three Japanese cucumbers so it'll be more convenient for me.

So yeaaaaaa :)

I know it seems like I'm really healthy.
But, im actually not. no actually, I'm not sure if I'm not. I kinda eat everything. Like today, I ate quite alot of dark chocolate.

I've been craving so many kinds of food lately. Donuts, egg tarts, famous Amos cookies, toasted kaya bread, pasta. Mmm :)

But yea, I'd say my diet is balanced because I consume a lot of veges, fruits, and fats and all. Sooooo I guess that explains a whole lot to why I'm not skinny yet. Hm. 

I'm gonna try out this one week cabbage soup diet soon! And I shall post the results and details soon enough.

Last month, I did this weekly diet cut down thing with Foo. Where each week, we cut down on a certain kind of food. Like first week, sugar. Second week, pork. So that was last month and I worked out a bit.

This month, I barely worked out since majority of my time is taken by studying. So I've been on my vege diet, and fasting on a meal a day. But at the same time, when I do eat, I eat anything. Like sugar, fats or whatever I crave, so yea.

Perhaps next month I'll try to do a stricter diet, maybe I'll cut down completely on carbs and fats, and drink alot of juice for my meals and eat like soup or lean meat or something. And include exercise. 

I'm not sure yet, haha cause I love my food man. I don't think it'll work completely. But we'll see :) I'm keen on losing weight, just because it's something I've always wanted to do.

Not that I'm like those girls that think and say they're fat when they're not. I'm not. People ask me why I'm doing this, they say 'but you're not even fat.' Yea well I know I'm not fat, but I know I have fats. But thats not my complete reason for this! i just feel very determined to change my diet and see the results. And some say 'but being too skinny isn't good. You're already fine. Like your size now is good'. Thankyou. Haha I'm okay with my body size and weight now. But I mean there's no harm in seeing how much you can lose right? Trust me, it's not like I will not eat. Like seriously, I eat. Alot. A whole lot. 

But yeaaaaa, if it works, I'll post something on it.

Anyways, I'm gonna go to sleep.
I'm so tired and I know I have a pimple waiting to make me regret tomorrow. :(

Sigh it's either that time of the month, my stress, my cleansing diet or my bad sleeping habit.

Maybe it's all.

Well Goodnight. 🌖

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