Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sarah's birthday and my weekend.

Why hello there :)

So this weekend, I took a mini break.
As in I took a day off work on Friday, and celebrated Sarah's pre-birthday.
Sarah, Esther, Deborah and I had a sleepover so yea :)

We went to Suria around late noon.
Watched Mortal Instruments. 
To me, I would rate it a 7/10.
The movie was really spiritual though.
As it involved alot of demonic crap and all.
And, Sarah closed her eyes alot. haha.
But overall, it wasn't too bad.

So after that, we were deciding on whether to eat at Little Italy or Pizza Hut.
Deborah didn't join us for the movie, and because she couldn't come, we ended up ordering pizza at home while watching the classic tale of Beauty and the beast while eating.
And then after, we went to her room to watch the House bunny, played truth or dare and prank called.

AW the Starbucks person wrote " Ms Chelsea ^.^ "

OUR (Esther and I) present to Sarah :)

Our cards, haha I wrote her like two. - Well, three. The one on the right  is Esther's.

And then I got her some flowers aswell, but I don't know what they're called. haha

So anyways, here are some photos of us during the sleepover :)

Sarah took this candid photo of me on Esther's polaroid. haha

OMG, this girl is like THE cutest person I know.


haha me and my eye mask :B

So during our truth and dare, we ended up prank-calling people.
It was really funny cause we did like accents, and just like scary heavy breathing.
The best one was when we prank-called Clement. and it was soooo funny. haha.
Man, I haven't prank-called in like years.

haha and all four of us had to change our names to 'Abu Bakar' and our dps,
so if any smarties were to track our identities, they would know us as Abu Bakar.



This is like THE best snack eveeeer.
IT's so good, i'm obsessed and I could eat like packets of it.

 HAHA while I was camwhoring at lunch,
my dad was like "CHELLL, why do you always take pictures?"
hahahahaha HM.

Esther and I :)

HAHA I got myself a rose.
I'm so romantic to myself. :D

haha nah actually, I got flowers for Sarah's birthday.
But the rose came separately, so I decided to keep it as it didn't match.
And YAAAAA. I forgot to put it in a jar of water,
so I didn't get to give it to Sarah on Saturday.
Which resulted in a rose for myself. NAAAAWH, haha. 

haha well bai

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