Thursday, August 29, 2013

50 confessions

1- I stock up on face masks

2- I've only ever told 5 guys I loved them. (I felt pressured to say it to the first two, the third one was pity love, the fourth one was actually loving the person in my head, and I meant it for the last one).

3- I've only ever told one guy I loved him, in person.

4- I would rather have more sons than daughters

5- I have a box full of written letters/cards/notes and dear miscellaneous things.

6- I own a collection of diaries

7- I used to collect mini things as a kid for my "playland" - yes, FYI, I had a lovely childhood.

8- I own quite a variety of jewellery, but never wear them apart from a few.

9- I only own a pair of jeans

10- I stalk myself alot.

11- I dislike cats and am scared of them

12- I weigh 47kgs

13- I wanted to be a pastor when I was a kid.

14- I used to categorize guys who showed interest in/confessed to/liked me  
Alphabetically based on the first letter of their names

15- my first 'real' pet was a guinea pig and I used to call her my best friend

16- my sister and I used to set up "traps" before we sleep - we lived in KL then okay, it was dangerous. Don't judge.

17- I pretended I was Jesus and made my sister give me her mamee monster (the junk food) when we were younger 

18- I don't actually like people to sit on my bed :x

19- I wrote a love letter when I was 12 and pretended I was this Japanese girl called Amelia. I regretted big time.

20- I used to be a bus monitor for Kilkenny drive (when I was in NZ)

21- my best friend and I were in a basketball team when we were 14, and we were like the shortest players. We were very unskilled and only got into the team because there weren't many people :a lol

22- I stalk people's followers and following on Instagram :B (pft not like you don't, pfssssh)

23- I feel proud when people used to ask if I've smoked and I say I don't because I actually don't. 

24- I lose my appetite when I'm on a date, unless the date mainly involves eating

25- I really dislike it when guys ask if I'm wearing make up when they know I'm wearing make up

26- I don't actually tell people they're good looking if I don't think they are :c 

27- the topic of relationships captures my attention everytime and anytime

28- I get really pressured and annoyed when people rush me, especially when I'm getting ready in the morning

29- I stop replying when the conversation goes stale

30- one of my greatest fears is height

31- I'm secretly really scared of either dying from drowning in the middle of a deep ocean and having some sea creature eat me, or falling into an icy pole ocean where everything is dark and cold and you don't know what lingers beneath and you can't even go up the surface

32- I'm claustrophobic, especially when I get locked in a toilet.

33- I don't actually like people 'poking' or zapping me.

34- I don't take offensive jokes that well.

35- I'm obsessed with dental care.

36- I window shop alot. Especially in pharmacies.

37- I fall for some guys very easily, but I find it hard to commit.

38- I have a tendency to not rely on people financially. Especially guys.

39- I tend to keep my 'checking out time' or glancing time to only a second or less.

40- I find it amusing to see someone else check someone else out. Hahaha

41- I'm pretty bad with directions :c

42- I used to train myself to be a 'princess' by putting a book on my head and balancing it whenever I walk

43- I once threatened a boy that was bullying my sister in the playland in ikea that I would call the police. Then we became friends.

44- whenever I order a meal separate from my sister, hers seems to taste better. And I'd want to have hers instead. 

45- I used to hate badminton, then I liked a guy who played badminton and I guess that changed.

46- I've read 50 shades of grey, but didn't finish the book.

47- Whenever I play river flows in you or wedding dress, people think I can play the piano pretty well, but the actual fact is that I learned to play the simplified version.

48- I've never finished reading the whole bible.

49- When I was younger, I lied that I could see God when my childhood bestfriend, Jess, said she could. When they asked what he looked like, the 5 year old me said "colourful".

50- I name all the random unknown phone numbers I come across as Vat 1, Vat 2, Vat 3...

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  1. I'm Jesus, give me your mamee monster!

    why have i never thought of that?! GENIUS