Sunday, November 15, 2015


The world is in fragments.
Broken pieces scattered, souls lost.

Death is inevitable, we all know.
It is time that toys with us like a fool.

Time runs ahead, accelerating, speeding,
far out of our reach - we're lost.

Lost in the moment.
Lost in the items we create with our hands.
Lost in our own image.
Lost in ourselves.
We're all just lost.

What we long to freeze for our own benefit has a limit.
It's all temporary.
Fame, fortune, brands, labels, systems, power..
they can only last so long.

The tragedy hits unexpectedly.
The earth turns against us, humanity is distorted;
the cycle of destroying and being destroyed is relentless.

The mourning begins.
The sympathy, consolation and kindness becomes apparent.
The memories remembered, the people appreciated.


What's terrifying about death isn't dying in itself,
it's not knowing when death is approaching - for loved ones or even yourself.

It's sudden, death confronts often unprepared.

Perhaps that makes letting go harder.
Because you would've used time for the better,
rather than letting it fool us.

It's a scary thought.
To think that you're saving for your future, only to know your future isn't worth 'saving' for.
If death were to approach, would the way you run your life be any different?

"Of course" - you may think,
then why do we hold tight the qualifications, connections, labels, titles, power, and wealth?
Because death is approaching and will approach.

It's just a matter of time.

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  1. Spooky! But I loved it :)) It was kind of like a wake up call - to use my time better!