Sunday, October 11, 2015

Second home - Adjusted - Part 3

July/August/September -

Around 6 months + back, and it sure is better!
Like all my previous transfers, the first few months were crap.
I remember hating my first 3 months back in KK, and had a really hard time for my first 5 months back in NZ. But now, all is well;

The last term has been rather eventful! I had the opportunity to work different jobs, make better friendships, reunite with old mates properly, found a better group of friends at school and so forth!

Below are the updates from the last 3 months. We shall start with food photos!
(Camp will be on a different post)

Let's begin!

Meal I had before going to camp at Nishiki!

dessert is cold stone ice cream with Judy at Mellow!

Quick sushi meal in between work from Sushi Pac!

Fettuccine and Carbonara from Eliot's Stables!

Tater tots and cheesecakes from Frasers!

More cheesecakes from Frasers! I had the one on the right, Baileys cheesecake with whipped cream!

More sushi pac for lunch!

Banoffee Pie from Celsius!

expensive chocolate from Tach hehe

Massive portion of kebab on rice at Kebab stall from Mt Eden!

Beef slice noodles from Shao lin!

Chinese pancake (that tastes like roti canai) from Shao Lin!

Lamb dumplings from Shao Lin!

Dark Chocolate pancake from No1 Pancake! SO good!

More sushi pac sushi ft chocolate pancake at the back!

Bannsang Wine pork ssamgyupsal

$5 kebab on rice yeh

vietnamese rolls!

Chicken cutlet on noodles from Jstea!

More Bannsang!

Bingsu from Mellow!


My UMSA sports group for reorientation - we won everything!! #teamwork

My A+ Boardgame in the making!

Em and Ju are me guinea pigs

draft boardgame

Atiqa and bare-faced me

With Chae :D

Surprise birthday celebration for Caliandra!

We have another friend, but she doesn't take photos :'(

So she took it for us instead!

excluding friend who can't take photos with us :(


Judy pudy - old friend!


Made 2 of my closest friends a Study survival pack!

formal trial - soz dirty mirror

Tach did my make up - close up on eye make up;


Made my first Gong Cha drink: Signature Milk Foam Green Tea!

uniform ft old room


Tan siblings!!

kathmandu tripling


Pre-Soiree photos:

Only decent photo of the night - got ready with Abi' for OCF's Soiree!

Abi, myself and Trikki!

Before and After for OCF's Soiree - makeup done by Tach with The Body shop make up!

Didn't take a lot of photos at OCF's Soiree, bad lighting and meh.

Surprise gift from Abi!! She wrote on the front/back of all the cards!! So Sweet of her :')

PCBC: Connect Formal 2015:

compulsory photo at the entrance - with Helen!

My beautiful table : Helen, Bertha, myself, Judy, Kenny, Rachel and Pauline; excluding Charlotte

Judy, Rachel, myself, Bertha and Helen!

with the young ones (Helen, Marco and I not included)


Helen, Karis, Cindy, Kenny, Terence, Marco, Isaac, Charlotte, Ivan and Judy!
with Kenny :D

With Judy!

With Aimee!

Post-formal: twinning in stripeys!

With Ingrid!

gorgeous girls!

Charlotte looking like a beauty!

Got an award for my charisma :D


Post Formal - the next morning, the bunch of us had yum cha together!
So Connect Formal was a blast, ended up going to Kenny's for post-formal and had a mean as time with a bunch of them; Stayed over 'till 4am and headed to Rachel's after for a sleepover. We couldn't get enough of everyone so decided to meet up the next day for yum cha brunch, spent the entire day talking in a smaller group, went for dinner at Celsius and ended the day with supper with Vincent and Helen! A great weekend indeed!

Garlic Pizza was SO good!

Celsius classic steak!

Banoffeee pie (from the beginning of the post)

With Rachel in the morning :'D

It wasn't planned!


Loved how we connected so much, we made a Formal group consisting of Marco, Vincent, Kenny, Rachel, Helen and I!

The three of them came over after church and stayed 'till 5.30am!

We got kinda hungry so I made us supper: PB on toast, green tea and korean noodles!

We also surprised Marco with a birthday cake!

Julius' (and Kelvin's) graduation:

cute photo, twinning shoes!

Kelvin aka ex Science tutor back in my old high school days :P (He tutored me out of school)

Went to a fancy Jap place for dinner, was so yum!!

Chocolates I bought for Ju hehe

karaage chicken was the bomb!


Flatmate life:

With the tach aka older sister

Surprised Pete as a flat for his birthday!!

Went for a partial flat run with these two!

Planks always leave my head sweating like mad

Surprise Langham lunch:

So I decided to surprise the siblings (Julius and Emmeline) to a Langham lunch buffet to thank them for helping me settle in and all that they have done for me by making them thank-you cards and delivering it to their work places like a ninja for them to receive an invite to the buffet!

Pre-buffet selfie

All I ate:

Doesn't look like much, but I was so so so stuffed!! I ate the most, Ju' ate one plate less than me. Em' ate way less than us. But overall, it was a decent experience. I miss the honey butter naan bread!!

Visited the Auckland museum by myself just to end the date lel


Helen Melon after PCBC's combined worship night :)


visited Em' when she was about to close
latazzzzzzzzzz x

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