Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Second home - The beginning - Part 2

April/May/June -

This was quite a hard season for me; Not only did winter greet me in June, but it was about the 2nd month of adjusting and settling down to my new life. What was difficult initially was the unfamiliarity to everything. Sure, I used to live in Auckland. But it was so different, as I was a child/young teenager, living with my family, in the EAST of Auckland.

Now that I'm back, practically a young adult, I don't live with my parents, so that mean I have to sort out my own transportation, figure out the places that I have never been to, familiarise myself with the ways of independence and being stuck half way between reuniting with old mates and making new ones.

You see, being an international student has its own difficulties, but being someone who is new but expected to 'know' all of Auckland well is not as easy and awesome as you might think.

Chopped my hair, new season, here we go!


Dinner with new friends:

These are older new friends. Friends of my sister's and flatmate/family friend, Ju Winn (AKA. Winna). We were invited for a housewarming gathering!


Easter Sunday!

Loved how my shirt 'TEAM JESUS' in the rectangle, is very much similar to the one on the banner!


Lunch with Helen:

Went on dominion road for the first time to have their Shao Lin noodles and hulucat for 'dessert'!

Cold tripes and beef dish!

Large cleaver beef noodles! It was SO good, but Helen found a tiny hair in it though. :x
Went back to my place to do make up on each other :B

Make up I did on Helen was so natural and simple, look what she did to me :'(

Our drinks :)

PLS gurl SHE made me look like an actual one.

Outing with Katie:

KBBQ buffet for lunch!


School friends from the start of term!


imaginary bf


My first event to UMSA (Malaysian club):

UMSA is a Malaysian club in uni'! Decided to give this event a go, Amazing race! We were put into teams, and I really enjoyed my time there. I met several friendly people but unfortunately, I didn't capture personal photos with them.

Ryan, Bovi, (can't remember his name), myself and Yao Jian!

And we won "the most creative photo" with the sky tower!
Initial icebreakers :D

Tim and Cynthia's graduation:

When seniors graduate, people gather at Albert park to take photos with them; I was invited to Tim's and Cynthia's, so yeah :) Ft. People from my old youth group, PCBC (Pakuranga Chinese Baptist Church).

w. Tim and Ingrid!

w. Ingrid and Mark!


A few of the people from my old youth. Left to right: Ingrid, Pauline, Kenny, Karis, Isaac, Cynthia, Ron, Mona, Hugo and Matthew.

Caught up with some familiar faces (from intermediate/high school). Left to right: Jessie, Samantha, Sookfie and Ashley.

KBBQ with UMSA friends:

Left to right: Ryan, Kah Yee, Yao Wei, (forgot the names of the three), Daniel and Yao Jian.
Sigh I'm so bad with names :(


Sunday Funday:

w. Amber and Abigail!

Left to right: Amber, Brandon and Andrew



Jap' dinner with the sister!

Giapo for dessert :P

That beauty

Sunday viet' lunch:


Atiqa and I - my closest friend in uni :)

accidental twinning

Uni' view


UMSA's dinner:

The only Malaysians from Sabah!

Henna tattoo for free!

Our table - didn't know half of the end.




Free fancy dinner with Bertha:

No photos of her 'cause we were too caught up with our conversation :D But our meal at Passito was amazing. Thanks to her :')


Meanwhile, Momo back home..


More BannSang with the sister!

third (hand) wheeling

better burger - it was meh

Had bibimbap, it was meh

three layers for end of fall :3

Lost my beloved H&M scarf :(

Had Jap' with the sister!

And a bucketful of mini donuts for dessert!

One of my absolute favourites!



Made sushi (w/o a sushi mat) for the first time - not bad at all!

OMW to my first interview!

burger burger - not as good as I expected; kumara on the other hand was yum

giant nutella yes please

My lil gift to Vibha :)

Dinner after so long!!
Goode Brothers Pasta was amazing - as I remembered

HAHA her pissy face cause I snapchatted everything - oh and our dessert

Got a one-off job as a minion! Paid super well, $25/hour! :D

OOTD: minion style


Mt Eden you beauty

Amber is really a gem :)

Lamb briyani from Uncle Man's is yum!

My own birthday muffin from the sister

Made french toast which I loved

Winter has begun!

Laksa from Uncle Man's!

Fried chicken was SO good!

A rainbow for a dark day;

And our farewell hug, Amber returns to the UK! :( It was a joy knowing her!

END NOTE: I am so sorry that this post is written rather poorly. I have been so hesitant to post it up, there's just SO many photos, and oh dearie me. But I will get the rest of the July, August, September photos to date.. and then I'll start blogging properly.

'Till then, happy scrolling!


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