Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Note to Self: Generosity and Kindness

Generosity and kindness goes beyond giving when you have an abundance. It's a trait that is rarely found or seen. "She's kind," they say. "I love to give," one may say. It is often an act that is overrated.

However, definitely a character that shouldn't be undermined. For the heart who holds such care for others is selfless. He/She may not begin with a selfless heart, but with will and understanding, it can be apparent.

Let generosity be not limited to finances, resources, time, effort, words and care. Let it be all of the above, and beyond. Let kindness overflow, even to the basic of necessities - even to the point of being deprived. Let your giving be one that is intentional, one that comes of surprise, in both your comfort and during your times of want or need.

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