Monday, August 24, 2015

Mini rant/update

Hey there!

I know it's been so long since I last posted, but I have valid reasons.
Before I list them and have a mini rant, I'll post three short photo updates!

Em's trial prom make up on me!

Because I left NZ mid-way through year 11, and never went to a proper school in KK, I missed ball/prom. But now that I'm in university, they have several balls/formal events within a year! This week, I've got two! They're not as fancy as high school proms, but still a night for us to dress up and all! Friday is Soiree (which is like a fancy party, semi-formal) with the theme Neverland, held by my uni' club/Friday youth, OCF - Overseas Christian Fellowship! The second one is a formal, which is held by my old youth, PCBC - Pakuranga Chinese Baptist Church! It's gonna be more formal, and like a fancy night - small scale, rather than ballin' large. So yeah! I'm excited and will definitely blog on it :)

Ju Winn a.k.a Winna, Me and Ju Chen!

Ju Chen visited Winna for three weeks, so we finally got to meet! She's so gorgeous, isn't she? They're both fellow Sabahans as well, and we had sisters supper the night this photo was taken; Kathmandu triplin' (see what I did there)

HOPE shirt for charity!

Bought this HOPE shirt for a charity for children in Philippines who are less fortunate than we are. They sold out size s so quickly, so I got a size m because I'm in love with the design, and for the meaning behind the tee. I will be wearing it as a t-shirt dress, or tucking it in when I wear it with bottoms!

Finally, my reasons for being inactive:

I have been so so so busy - like always. But really though! In the last month, university semester 2 began for me, I got a job at Gong Cha - the first one that opened in NZ! So we were and are still pretty busy! But I love working in hospitality, particularly in GC. The working environment is just great, and I actually love what I do.

Two assignments due this week, and I only just finished one of them this afternoon, and another one to go! Two proms coming up this weekend, and three work shifts to fit in. In addition to that, I have classes to attend, fats to burn and so forth.

So my apologies for the delay, I will be blogging soon!

Chelsea x

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