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Second home - The beginning- Part 1

End of February/March:

Bought my first BB cushion from Laneige KLIA!

First day with the flatties, excluding Julius - missing Yuki.

Skytower ft Peter

The high-school sweethearts

Auckland city!

Somewhere near Giapo

That was my first day/night back in Auckland.
Kai Ma picked us up from the airport, and when I came back, I just unpacked and attempted to settle in. Dinner was korean, at Bansaang. I snapchatted most of my day 1! I saw an unexpected old friend, Terence at the airport! I also saw Moonie at the traffics in the city, on the way for dinner!

We went to Star cafe - an old yumcha place we used to love, but it's so bad now.

The eggtarts look pretty good, but I assure you - Malaysia has it better.

I purchased my first YSL lipstick in Rouge pur couture - such a beautiful shade!
I tried MAC, but it was way too drying. YSL hands down has the top quality. Somehow, better than Chanel as it's more hydrating. Oh, got the YSL from KLIA too, and Mother and Em bought another two, so the sales lady gave us a free YSL makeup pouch, a small YSL perfume and a small foundation I think(?) - so each of us took one. I ended up keeping the first two :P

The first friend I properly intentionally caught up with - Pauline!

I'm a bit surprised at the lack of photos in the initial stages of settling in. Think I documented it on my snapchat, so sorry! But day 2 was spent having lunch with the fam' and doing a lil shopping for house stuff, and then I visited my old youth. I was super hyped being back; It was nice seeing several familiar faces, but I felt rather distant. On top of that, there were a lot of new faces - which I didn't mind, and a whole lot of missing members.. the air had a depressing vibe, and I sensed a lot of sad souls. LEL that description though. The thought hit: I really miss my Skyline youth...

Crazy huh? When I was back in KK, I thought: I really miss PCBC (my youth back when I was in NZ). I even thought the eggtarts in NZ were better. How is it possible that things change? EVEN THE EGGTARTS?!


My french toast which was decent

Not sure if y'all know this, but back when I lived in NZ and played sports, I was really really really dark.

Had brunch with the God-parents and mother (below)

Dinner was at a bar-restaurant

Tried the cherry beer(?) which tasted a lot like cough medicine ergh

mother treated us for some fancy dinner :)

Oysters, battered squid, mussels, chicken and ribs

I The NZ sun is incredibly damaging and very asian-threatening in the aspect of lightening your skin. The sun during summer will make you ridiculously tan in an unappealing way.

I came back end of summer (dec-feb is summer) and for the first two months back, I used an entire 88mL of sunblock. The NZ sun is incredibly damaging and very asian-threatening in the aspect of lightening your skin. The sun during summer will make you ridiculously tan in an unappealing way. I even got a few freckles at random places and I am very much against being tan from the NZ uv rays. University was about to begin then; I spent my first few days settling in by skyping with my one or two friends overseas for hours, and trying to catch up with my old best friends. I was taken aback by how spacious everything was, how the buildings/shops were very short and simple.

First catch up with Katie! She was one of my high school best friends

Dinner was unplanned, I couldn't even remember the name of the cafe we went to. We wanted to go to a bar-restaurant, but they have a strict ID policy, and I didn't bring my passport so we had to resort to a decent cafe. Katie bought me dinner, so I bought dessert, KiwiYo!

Remember how this pathetic salad look now - cause this was just my initial stages of making salads. It'll get better.

Mondays cafe

Gluten-free/organic natural ice cream I think?

Em and I were confined - someone came over to give us a blood test (which I snapchatted of me getting blood drawn)
cross-eyed in bed Chelsea

We were confined because someone who was in the plane got measles, and due to NZ's strict policy, everyone on board had to be confined until they were sure we were safe from being infected and infecting others.

Flowers from my cutie, Helen!

Catch up with my old best friend, Helen!
She bought lunch, so I bought us fancy dessert from OKO

matchy matchy :)

Killed two birds with one stone, by catching up with Steph (my old best friend from Intermediate)!

Vincent and I before and after (below) 16 - 19
 HAHA ew we used to have silly crushes on each other, having a text relationship for about a year, on and off - and he was such a player :P ha but we mended things before I left New Zealand. Now we're just distant friends aye.

Better yum cha one fine sunday!

The lau sar pau from M'sia is better though :(

With mummy lee!

Visited my campus before uni' started, so I knew where to go for the first day!

With these two fine birthday babies

Helen Liaaaaang :)

Rachel, Helen and Bertha! Ft Kenny and IDK who

My two babies - Bertha and Helen!

Bertha was also one of my best friends when I lived here! We never attended the same school, but we first bonded over our mutual crush, which was my first bf. haha ironic


Helen, Marco, Ingrid, Pauline and Bertha!


JU bullying me for building my first shelf
Mother made brunch for us!

Chelsea the builder, I could do it (soz bout my evil eyes)

Caught up with Kana and her current boyfriend - and a large Sal's pizza

Kana is my first friend in New Zelanad, we knew each other since we were eleven!! Look how much we've grown, you have no idea. haha! We parted after intermediate, but she remained as one of my really good friends.

Tach made Ju and I ramen!

new face: Christy, Em's good friend!

Making her famous cookies
home-cooked meal by mother
How I looked after the first day at school >:(

My teddy bear bf

lemongrass chicken with pho

Some silly school activity requiring us to take a group photo with a random with painted toenails

The first day when we met! I said "Let's take a photo for my blog"

My uni' campus - Epsom! 
The nutella milkshake from moustache is terrific
Bansaang dinner date with the sister!
my favourite mini donuts sprinkled with tons of sugar!

Sashimi omo

Some raw beef omo

Fried unagi sushi omo
Our second lunch date, this time - I paid for our meal!
Helen paid for dessert :)

We saw Teena on the street - she was in our old intermediate group!

Some of the food I made and ate:

For my first week grocery shopping, I spent $70+!

fruit-vege platter! With a tablespoon of hummus and peanut butter, accompanied with yogurt, drizzle of honey, chia seeds topped with blueberries!

 Okay, so I didn't make the pasta - those were leftovers from Em's 21st which Julius made. But the rest I kinda put together - considering salads didn't require 'cooking'.

Em's famous cookie: chocolate chip cookie filled with nutella and topped with sea salt

Happy 21st tach!

Em was spoiled with tons of pressies 

And I decided to chop my locks

Reasons I decided on cutting my hair:

1. It was getting damaged due to the perm chemicals
2. A lot of my hair was falling out and I didn't want it to fall out more
3. The NZ weather/water really took a toll on my hair - it's soooooo dry when I wash it
4. I contemplated on whether I should cut my hair later on in the year, in which I'll have shorter hair by the end of the year/start of next year and decided I wanted longer hair - so to chop it off earlier would be better
5. It would be a sign as a 'new start' - I always chop my hair when I want to feel new - like when I  broke up


Honestly, sitting here and posting these photos kinda make me a lil bit.. sad? No, sad would be an overly exaggerated emotion. Tbh, some of my photos look like I'm having a great time - but I barely hung out with any of those people more than the number of fingers on one of my hands. Even worse, some of those people, I only saw once. But they do say, photos are deceiving, right? Coming back wasn't like what I thought it'd be like. 

Initially, when some of my friends here found out I was coming back, a few said 'Won't it be weird for you?' 'NZ will be boring, it's not as fun as your snapchat (back in Malaysia)'. I gotta break it to ya, after the 2nd month, my snaps and photos have decreased a whole lot.

The first few weeks were exciting because of the catch ups I had with my old best friends. The week university started, I cried tons. I was really frustrated with having to learn how to take the public transport because I was bad at directions. I was also upset at the fact that I had a limited budget. I didn't enjoy how I lived far away from my old friends - thus creating a higher expense for either of us to meet one another. I didn't make friends at school I could consider as friends. Long story short, I was devastated. But maybe not as much as I was when I first moved back to KK.

Still, I can conclude this: I am no longer close to my friends whom I was closed with while I was living back here. You may think 'DUH' - things would change. Yeah, but not like this. 'least I really expected more.. Secondly, I didn't find new friends in which I could really feel at ease with. The move back really made me isolate myself - and I guess, I felt pretty lonely.

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