Wednesday, May 13, 2015

February 2015

Last month in Malaysia
I spent majority of February back home; but left for New Zealand at the end of the month.
My sister - Emmeline, came back for CNY!
And it was a very eventful month, filled with amazing faces.

February :

Sunday Funday-

As you can tell, the wind was crazy.

OOTD: Little black dress from E-teen, Charles & Keith bag, Forever 21 double strap sandals

But we found the rocks at Sutera to be a really good spot for photos!

My cotton candy drink from bean factory

Looks like I'm on a high HAHA

The cotton candy was yum, the tea was not good.

After youth - My last time

Ma bois :'D We were good friends from the early days when I moved back!
Sunday Funday -

Vijiaaaaaaaa :')

Leslie and I organised a bumping ball event with Trailblazers 
(and randoms friends to fill the empty spot)

There were 30 of us!

Went straight to our staff dinner - cause it was compulsory

Left to Right: Ee Ai, Ee Syin, Mother, Vivian, Me, Esther, Mika, Darren, Aunty Gadence, Idyl and Amber

Movie with Jo-hanna and Joel!

Dinner at the new Jap restaurant at Metrotown

My purchases from Uniqlo, and pull & bear :D and H&M!

With my beloved Momo!

Tach came back!

Crab-shell pasta at 

Had brunch with Ariel :)

Valentines Day -

OOTD: White shirt from Uniqlo, Plaid blouse from Muji, Jeans from Pull&Bear, shoes from Toms, Polo bagpack from Metrojaya

For Valentines, Sheleen, Esther, Nath and I visited GCC youth! The topic was on dating and relationships, which was really interesting! We then went to Skyline youth, and the topic was on relationships as well!

With Rayson and Kevin!

The struggles of taking photos at night

Outtakes from the ootd : Sheleen's phone

Sunday Funday -

Went to church and had lunch with good company (Trailblazers), spent the rest of my afternoon with the girls in my fam', went for supper (and night market) with Sheleen and Esther!

With Jess and Ruth :)

With Jordan, Manny, Abraham, Samuel and Nathan!

Ruth :'D

With Eleni!

Went for lunch (we had Indian food!) w. some of the Trailblazers

Nathan, myself, Ruth and Amadeus!
mother :)

HAHA Momo's so sick of us

Supper w. Sheleen and Esther!

Nunpat!!! :) The green tea is yummier.

OOTD: Top from Thailand, Nath's plaid blouse from Muji, Skater Skirt from Cotton On, Sandals from Forever 21

A productive day -

I woke up at dawn to climb Bukit Padang with the Bukit Padang gang (Kevin, Rayson, Michelle and new faces)

When we arrived!

Went shopping at 1B with the sister and cousins!

Beko (aunty) - dad's sister//shel's mum

We got twinning hoodies - from the kids' section heh

Esther, James, Sheleen

My purchases: CO socks, H&M - hoodies, cardigan, mens' tees and white blouse
Chinese New Year - day 1

We spent the day as a family, and went for dinner with dad's side of the family.
After that, Esther and I went to The bed (club) with the cousins. It was our - and Sheleen's first time!
It was really not quite what I expected. Apparently because it's 'KK' - that's why.
Like the 'clubbing scene in KK isn't good(fun)' according to my cousin;
Tbh, I wanted to go to experience it for the first time amongst relatives (safer cause family) - and I actually asked permission from my mum if we could go! HAHA. She said no at first, but then she let us go after. I was pretty strict on myself, I didn't drink or eat or smoked. Just danced (gon' be okay da do do) lel Lady Gaga's lyrics. Oh, and ate horlicks. hee.
Overall, clubbing brought several sides of a particular cousin I didn't know existed ;D In fact, she was the oldest!! But all was well, no one was drunk. heh.

pre-club chilling at popos lel. my simple outfit hah

went to a club w. the cousins for the first time

A day out -
My jap' meal - Aunty rose took us out for our farewell!

Chinese New Year - day 2

OOTD: Floral dress from H&M, Charles & Keith bag, Forever 21 nude heels // red lips from Topshop

LEL Esther's foot 

The following outfit is literally what my mum wears (except the bag) haha
OOTD: Mother's hair clip, Mother's patterned dress from Mango, Mother's flip flop, Charles & Keith bag
Family photo shoot day -

ugh can we stop


The real photos:

Sunday Funday -

Visited SIB Likas for the last time, and had lunch with some friends from Skyline.

With Elycia!

OOTD: Vintage white floral top, loose navy pants from Bangkok, White Sandals from Cotton On and Charles & Keith bag

HAOJIE (above)

Last week in M'sia :
Caught up with this lil missy for the last time (+Leslie)

Kinda twinning w. the sister, so wanted to take photos.

Em's ootn: black dress from Cotton On (CO), plaid flannel from Muji, Charles & Keith bucket bag and Charles & Keith sandals

My ootn: Black jumpsuit from Bangkok, Men's cardigan from Brand's outlet, Vincci black sandals and Charles & Keith bag

With my AMA :) *hearts

DEPARTURE: Last day in KK

Gotta say goodbye to my baby Momo! He was giving me sniffs before I left :')


All I was able to bring :(

Flying outfit: Patterned crop from CO, H&M bar necklace, Navy loose pants from Bangkok, Men's cardigan from Brands outlet, double strap sandals from Vincci; luggage from Bangkok, and Countryroad bag from Countryroad (lel)

aw ma bois be sneaky; they were here since early morning! :D
AW Thanks for sending me off guys!! (missing Jo-Hanna)

Goodbye Kota Kinabalu, you treated me incredibly well.
Shoutout to the peeps who came in and out of my life during my 2 years and 3 months back in Kota Kinabalu. Those years were filled with love, tears, frustration, joy, new beginnings, old faces and new ones too! You guys are home. I thank God for bringing me back to my hometown after 10 years! I'll miss you, memories and KK then.

Farewell x

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