Sunday, May 24, 2015

Young love

I search the room briefly,
like I always do - until I find what I was looking for:

My breathing slows down as I catch a glimpse of her face.
'Thomas!', she calls out to me as she waves. 'Here!'.
I walk steadily but my heart's pace is hurried.

"Oh, hey. You look beautiful." I said, cause it was true.
She just looks at me with her brown eyes and laughs awkwardly,
as she leans in to give me a hug.
Her floral scents catch on to me, and I pulled back.

It wasn't always like this.
Ember & I are just friends.
Though, we didn't used to be not too long ago.

She stopped speaking to me for a year, and that was after our break up.

Now we're back here;
Friends, again.

We were one of those 'young loves' that people mock.
You know, how they think that love isn't actually love unless you're old and legal.
We were that.

And then there are those that say
'If you actually loved the person, you wouldn't be able to remain as friends after.'
Maybe, for a while, that statement remained true.

But here's the unusual plot twist:

Lovers at a young age,
Strangers we were again,
and here we are,
friends.. 'till the very end?

What goes through her head,
oh, how I wish I knew.


*Hey guys!!

So I know I haven't posted rants or random writings in awhile!
But here's one that I made up on the spot :)
It isn't based on any story I've known, but I will write in such a way from my own 'young love' experiences HA - cause now I'm old. lel.
I'm pretty keen to see how the story unfolds... but I won't continue unless you are too!
If you are, let me know through my and who knows, you could co-write this stereotypical but uncommon relationship with me? :D

Cheers! I've got two weeks of my last semester, so I won't be writing big posts!


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