Wednesday, June 3, 2015

To the girls who have never dated

Hey there,

I would like to let you know that where you are right now is a good place.
I know you have probably heard the stereotype statement, but don't want to 'grow up so fast.'
Don't want to do things that isn't at your pace right now.

You are beautiful.
You have so so much beauty within you for you to unravel and realise; you don't need a guy to tell you that. you don't need a guy to show others that you're wanted.

You are worth it.
You are worth the wait, you are worth the time.
You are worth the friendship, you are worth the pursue.

The period of time to really enjoy a pure friendship is right at your adolescence.
Find yourself, let yourself grow, take time, live in the moment.

Don't let someone steal your joy, your purity, your experience.

Experience love when you are sure, when you know you are ready, when it is right.

Love regardless.
Love without a manual, love from your heart, love others like you love yourself.
Love without fear.

Be with friends that support you and push you forward for the better.

Don't feel like you are unwanted.
You already have in you, the potential to grow to a beautiful woman inside-out.

Find a purpose in life, in everything.
Timing is important. And that time will come.

Trust in God.
Know what you want. Be a better version of yourself every single day.

There's something about your innocence that's intriguing,
your beauty that's worth unravelling, 
your heart that's worth sharing.

You are special.
You are needed.

And I want you to know that,
Hang in there, because when that day comes,
the right time - it will be his honour to meet you, to have your heart wholeheartedly.

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