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January 2015

Hey guys!

The last few months spent in Malaysia was really precious to me.
This is the first month of this year, and it started off great!


Dad took the family for a fancy lunch buffet at Hyatt for New Years 
(excluding tach) - Just the four of us.
However, only dad and I took photos together. Sorry I didn't take photos of the food, but it was average. Nothing that fantastic, was pretty disappointed considering it cost so much. So not worth it.
But the lunch formed a bond between the fam' and we talked about personal stuff and all, so that was the highlight! Dad said he thinks I'd end up with a man like him. HAHA.
He thought Esther would like the boys from church. LOL. Aw dad, he's so clueless.

*OOTD: Opt for a loose LBD(little black dress) 'cause it was a buffet ;D ya feel?
 And Sandals because girl's gonna go for several rounds. Heels won't do. hee

Selfie with my sister AW - she went for black too hehe.

New Years Selfie with Momo! He actually sniffed my face, I didn't force him to do nothing kay

Outing with my crew:

The Baileys crepe cake is divine - service is crap as usual

Left: not edited // Right: edited

Had Mexican for lunch (Cabo?) - it wasn't great either. Overrated.

The other crepe cakes were good aswell!

*OOTD: Black muscle tank from Cotton On, Faux leather shorts from Sungai Wang (KL), Maroon Vans and Charles & Keith bag; lips were Chanel in Rouge Allure Velvet 38

 Everytime Esther takes my ootd photos..
Esther: SMILE! LAUGH! Look at the sky!
I did, but ended up laughing in awkwardness and embarrassment.

Skyline Youth: Clement's last day (I think?)

NAWH they were awkward so they ended up doing this LOL

Worship team for the night! :)
Sunday Funday: the following day

So the 'rents took Esther and I to change our watch straps. While waiting, I saw watch-model photos in the shop and started imitating them with Esther. The watch lady secretly laughed at us - and our whole family got a laugh through it. So we got our mum to take mock photos of us. 
HAHA, the result:

Me: I'm gonna punch my own face / Esther: awk finger

I look evil bwahaha
HAHAHA Esther and I found the photos incredibly ridiculous and yeaaaaah.

Sarah and I met cute koreans!

Sarah attempted to take an ootd for me - but I'm just not that good at this yaknow

Outfit: Striped dress from Sarah, Toms for shoes and Charles & Keith for bag.

The bunch of us: Clem's cell (+Sarah and I) went to his house to throw him a mini farewell with the help of Bryan and his family! Brandon made a cake, and aunty even bought us pizzas and drinks! :) We ended up playing some dance game on his wii and just chilling. It was.. interesting. haha.
My lil minions - jokes they're cuties and really brilliantly smart!

dat quality doe - Sending clems off!

And the last of Clems!
Following weekend:

Some of the worship team on duty!

clearly unready;
but had Sunday lunch with these lovely girls :)


We went to lockdown as a cell!

My group won obviously hehe

The other group!
 Sunday Funday: Lunch outing with the guys

Green tea binsu! :D

My favorite snack: banana chips!!

Think I consumed several packs of this within a certain period of time
Outside Bread Boss!

*OOTD: stripe dress from Sarah (gift), Charles & Keith for bag, cardigan Padini Men, 
Heels Forever 21

Catching up with old faces:

Funny story actually! The photo above (outside Bread boss) was on a Sunday evening. My mum, Esther and I were having tea there, and I bumped into Rayson and Kevin (below).
I met Rayson during the early period of my move back to KK.
I was still with my last boyfriend then, and so we visited Kimberly (his cousin's) youth. And that's when I met Rayson! He was really friendly from first impression; And during the last two years + in KK, we would bump into each other every now and then - and would end up texting for awhile.

However, this day (the Sunday above) was exactly a month before the day I was supposed to leave for New Zealand. And so after saying hi and bye, Rayson texted me and we just caught up on where we last left off (Which was when I last told him I was gonna stay back in KK to attend IS and he said he was going to Australia to study!) How things have changed! Turns out I ended up going back to NZ, and he's going to Germany some time this year. He asked that we catch up like a hangout and so I suggested a few mutual friends we had to join us - Kevin and Matt. I met Kevin through Matt. HAHA. Or at least that's how I remembered it. Kevin would say otherwise.

Our first hangout! Back at Breadboss :)

Apologies for the quality!

It was a tad awkward at first; because it was just Rayson and I for the first hour or so, and so we had to talk HAHA. Yes, I get all awkward for things like that. Especially cause he was quite an acquaintance/distant friend.

After an hour, Kevin came to join us. And we continued in depth in our conversation 'till the shop had to close. Soooooo, they invited me to meet the next morning, for a walk/jog at Bukit Padang! I'm not usually up for nature, or climbing/outdoor jogs, but I went anyways because I really enjoyed their company! And so, the next day, I woke up at 5.30am...

Rayson and the view :) Kevin went ahead of us first.

I met new friends on the hill! Alyssa and Michelle! The GCC youth :)

Kevin and Rayson!
The view was amazing, it was a great feeling! It's actually darker than it is, we had to brighten the photo to make us visible!
Green Tea pocky is amazingly yummy

Momo and his girlfriend, Beauty! NAWH

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