Saturday, April 25, 2015


It is now that I delight in Him.
My joy is full.
My pleasure is in you, God.

I find His love amongst the people, the congregation;
I find Him in the right, and in the wrongs I commit.
I find Him not forsaking me.

There's a sense of fulfilment in an absent sight, but a present God.
There's faith, there's depth, there's truth.
The unexplainable, incomprehensible..
but yet believable, constant and active.

I want to love my present (now).
I want to live everyday with gladness from Him.
I want to have a purpose, and carry it out.

I hope for my future.
I hope to meet my future.
My hope is in the Lord.

I can't wait to love - but at the same time, I'm choosing to wait.
I'm excited to meet the man who delights in Him, too.
I'm really thrilled to be another type of 'one'.

I will live this time - this current time;
in a way to glorify Him, to bring Him joy,
to bring love, to show love, to feel love.

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