Friday, April 24, 2015

The last of 2014


I haven't updated my blog with photos over the last 6 months.
So I'll be attempting to catch up on it!
These are the last few months of 2014 as my last life update for 2014 was September.

End of August

We participated in Sutera's 7k run!

Young Adults Camp: Different 2014

Justine, Jasmine and I on the way to camp!

There was a beach on our campsite too!

My roommates: Rose-sharon and Jess!

'Different' Camp 2014


A new lil baby in our church! SO CUTE

'studying' in Starbucks

Lunch w. John & Elve!

My camp family (group)!

attempting to take a 'family' portrait. hehe obviously only 3/7 of us succeeded.

Esther & I treated mum for a 'mother's day dinner'

Esther & I took hip-hop lessons for a bit less than two months.


The struggle of taking ootd photos:

HAHA omg I love you Nath

My squad :'D

And two of my cuties at work!

Treated two of my closest guys for dinner :)

When we first got momo! he was crying and shivering!

The 'rent first photo with our Momo!

Ps Josh treated the Trailblazers bunch to Jap'! :D

The 2nd table!

omo, if i was a dog, momo would be #goals


Jie and I treated them for Uei's birthday!

A for Asian to protect me from the sun

Got this bargain from men's H&M

Permed my hair for rm500 - apparently that's the reduced price cause my hair is thin and little lel

Okay, so not gonna lie. The perm turned out well.. like the next day lol.
But it lasted like that 'till I washed it after about three days?
The other times where my hair is wavy/curly is because I bunned it.
Was so disappointed considering I paid more than double of what I should for the perm T.T
And, I ended up keeping my perm for only 3 months + because a lot of hair kept falling out due to how damage it was.

Bought flowers and made a card for my best friend June for her farewell :)

Seh Seh and Jasmine!

June and Jasmine!

Had lunch with old school mates (excl. Seh - she left early)

Went to Skyline's production with June and my sister!

Photo with the crew!

Outing w. 3/4 of the breakfast club (and before I permed my hair)

Esther performed on Christmas day!
With the beautiful and lovely Rebekah! We met early 2012 when I was still living in NZ, and was on holiday in Malaysia! She was on holiday too, from Aussie! Now reunited two years after! :D 
Thanks Becks for having my back by covering my fats :p hehehe

Pepper Sprays for Christmas from Asher! hehe :)

Been so obsessed with this Matcha green tea pocky. Think I consumed like 4 packs within 2-3 months

Outing with these cute bunch

Christmas flowers and cards from the lovely Charis :)

So cute right!!

Thank you, I love you Charis!! You're so sweet.

Outing consists of some of my favourite girls: Sarah, Charis, Debz and Esther! :)

Cousin lunch and catch up session!

They're both so photogenic omo

And ending my 2014 with a casual outfit and Family dinner! hehe :)

Generally, 2014 was superb! It was my last year living in Malaysia (before I go back to NZ). I wished I could've blogged more (in detail) tbh, but better late than never! Took an hour and a half to upload these photos! Hope it's sufficient for a life update from the last months of 2014. I excluded the holiday posts, as I will post a separate post for that one!


  • Travel: KL and Bangkok 2014
  • The last few months before I leave for NZ
  • First two months back in New Zealand
  • May 2015

I'm really hoping to get the first three done before May starts!
Time is flying by so fast, I can't believe two months in NZ has gone by.
If all goes well with my planning and blog management, I will blog more consistently starting May.

'till then, I will work on the first three (and random posts).

Bye! :)

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