Sunday, March 1, 2015


It's the 1st of March!
Daaaaang, time really flies!
It's been my fourth day back, and to be honest, 
many events unfolded but yet not many things are done.

I would upload my photos of my trip and all, but I honestly barely even spend the time at home.
I just have zero time to sit around.
It's exactly 1.35am as I am typing this sentence.

For the last few days, I have slept at 3.30am or 4 something in the morning..
I came back at 12 something, showered at 2 something.
So tonight is actually an improvement.. because,


I'm pretty nervous actually.

Firstly, I don't feel too good. 
From the moment I landed, I've been seeing this friend and that friend; going here and there; etc.
Re-uniting with my old friends feel great.
I feel welcome, it's all the same. I even met new friends and all!

HOWEVER, it's starting to dawn on me that I am finally back.
It's time for me to grow up, and I am so, SO unready.

I'll keep this as short as I can, but my current challenges/difficulties:

1. Pooing and sharing a bathroom/toilet with 8 other people!
Ok so actually it's a total of 5 of us. (You'll see the photos soon)
Ju Winn, Peter, Yuki, Emmeline & I. (YES, it's 5)
Why the additional 3 you ask?
Julius, Em's boyfriend has been sleeping over the last 3 nights.
Mother - MY mum, is staying with us while she helps me settle for the first 2 weeks.
AND, Peter & Yuki has a Japanese friend staying over currently!

That would explain me showering at 3am?


Sharing a room with my sister is less than a pain than I expected.
However, it is originally her room; besides, she never left New Zealand, so she practically has everything here. She's her own independent self!
ME, on the other hand, I'm not?!
I really am not though. Like man, I miss having a drawer to store all my bras, undies, socks.. AND I've got tons. ergh

3. Cleanliness

Like sharing a house with people that are not your family, and not having a maid, IT'S HARD.
I don't know how long will the germs continue to cultivate, but I know it's there, somewhere.
I didn't have a full-time maid back home. So I knew how to do chores then. It was my house, and I knew pretty much where everything went. but here?! I know nothing, and I don't stay home? However, I desperately need to reserve a day in the week to just clean my house.

4. Staying home alone

So before I left NZ, staying home was alright for me.
However, perhaps living in a safe condominium for the last 2 years 7 months have made me dependent on having several security guards roam below my floor and around my area. Like if people were to rob or come to our house, it would take them a long time considering we have 18 floors? But here, one storey, windows open, doors with not enough locks in my opinion - they all make me feel insecure :( I refuse, REFUSE to stay home alone.
but yes yes, I know I'll have to sooner or later.

5. Transport

Back home, in KK - I could go to and fro my house to another location a few times a day.
Now, I can't return home. When I leave home, I make sure I do all I can outside before coming back.
I'm forced to learn the bus routes as majority/many people bus to and fro everywhere!
Taking the bus without student discount from my place to my campus is about $3+ a trip!
So in a day, $6+? I have classes four days, so that's $24+ for 4 days and JUST from my house to uni'.
CRAZY? Like what. I can buy a pair of heels for $24 T.T I need to go elsewhere too! Like supermarket, city, church/youth - AND my youth is in the east T.T - Like what, < $50 a week?! AAAAAH.

ok I better sort my stuff and sleep soon.
I promise I'll update soon about my first day/week of uni'!

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