Saturday, March 7, 2015

First week of University

A brief description for each of my day at school.
There may be photos included that are on the individual day itself, but not during school.

DAY 1:

I practically broke down by the end of the day.

I made friends, loneliness wasn't really the case.
They're nice, but it's intermediate all over.
Small superficial talks. Just wanting to be in a group & not being alone.
But then again, what should I have expected?
It is the first day.

But I broke down due to the fact that my life is so messed up.
I was so frustrated at the fact I haven't done my laundry, I don't know how to do laundry anymore.
I spent like $45 on my AT HOP card (It's a card for transportation).

Keep in mind it was only my 5th day back?
The feeling was nasty, it was nothing like what I remembered back when I was living in the East.

I now have to grow up and be independent, and to be frank,
I kinda suck at it.

Raman, Melissa, Sabrina, Me

Walking to class

Walking out of the train station to my future workplace looking grumpy as

Had viet for dinner which made me a lot happier :)

Hugged a gigantic teddy bear! I want one!!

DAY 2:

(Yeah, mum and tach accompanied me on the way to uni on the first day)

My first day friends were so caring about my transport yesterday, it kinda gave me a little sense of hope in actually having additional friendships.
But like I said previously, me breaking down was not due to loneliness.
HOWEVER, loneliness sucks. But to prepare for a possibility of it, you gotta live it.

So Tuesdays I've got a long two hour break between my classes.
My new friends wanted to go out of campus to get some lunch but I ain't going.
I didn't go.

I was already paranoid at the fact that I have been spending tons of money on my living expenses - AND IT'S NOT EVEN A WEEK YET?!

I wanted to just be alone, yaknow, preparation for the possibility of loneliness?
Yeah, great plan huh? So if I do happen to be alone, I won't freak out or anything.

It's the second day of UNI & I've already stopped trying.
The seniors say that you'll see first year students dressing up and all, but in no time, they'll be going to school in sweats or their pjs... Yeah, I've been sleep deprived and maybe a lil jetlag, so I patted some of my new BB cream on and did my brows and went to school with oily second day hair and my grey H&M men's hoodie.

So chill, you can already picture it. Just with shorts on of course, and a basic navy tee underneath.

After school, I went to city campus with tach to sort my AT HOP (transport) card so I can get a lil discount everytime I use it. I had my favourite mini donuts for $3!!! mmmmm so good!
I also had a bit of sushi and a korean pancake in the city. Dang, if only my campus was at the city :(
(Sorry there aren't any photos, I snapchatted it though!)

For dinner, aunty Felicia and Jess took us out for Japanese food nearby!
Here are several photos; I snapchatted the rest!

DAY 3:


Things are getting better - or maybe I'm just getting used to this life.

I've got a few friends who are very caring.
They text me out of school and ask me where I am (before class) which is a good sign.

Classes are also getting better, I don't get AS tired as before.

I haven't learnt how to do my laundry, but I was able to bring raw vege to school (for lunch).
My friend commented that I looked sad eating them HAHA. She offered me her sushi.
I declined several times - but ended up taking one to end my lunch.

I was this close to working out today. Was able to come home before evening (YAY)!
But I made a last minute decision to go to the city with Emmeline as this is the last week for Orientation at the city! I nearly got my favourite mini donuts, but was too late.

I had korean food at Bansaang to make up for it! I had marinated pork belly which was YUM :D

DAY 4:


I really look forward to the weekends now.
Today I only had one class which was about an hour and 15 minutes, and all we did was make flags.
So that went well.

I enjoyed myself and final thought 'Maybe things aren't gonna be so bad after all.'

Ended up taking the bus and train to Meadowbank to have brunch with 3/4 of the 'rents.

For dinner, we went to this bar restaurant to celebrate the last day of CNY, and mainly for the mussels. It was okay.

My brunch: French Toast with Vanilla mascarpone, oranges and syrup

kai ma with her meal

mother with her brunch 

Cherry beer which tasted like shandy and medicine at first

Oysters, Battered squid, mussels, chicken mushroom thing, pork ribs

And that sums up my first week of school - since I only had four days!

I'll try to update more once I settle down.

'till then, farewell!

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