Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick Flash

So these are just a few snaps from different events ever since my trip back from KL & Bangkok!
I will probably post my holiday photos some time next month (hopefully) - no promises!
I know I've been so absent, but here I am at 2:10am making a short blog.

I just finished answering my questions from the last two weeks on my ask.fm!
I'm actually pretty entertained at having to answer the questions.

If you have any enquiries or curiosities or life problems, do give me a question & I'll answer them soon!

Blogpost Ideas would be much appreciated too! hehe.
So far my upcoming blogpost topics:

- 2015
- 2014
- 'Here' : Will be out in March; 'cause.. you'll know then ;D
- Rant: How I move on//How I get over someone (lol not sure which sounds better, and will only post it when I figure it out)
- My current favourites/recommendations
- My favourite purchases (from KL/Bangkok)
- Rant: Qualities of a friend

Give me a topic to rant about?

Until then,


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