Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Boom 2014

And so it begins, another year gone by;
The fireworks shoot up in the dark sky.

All around this circular earth stand people to say farewell and hello.

I wouldn't know, but I assume toxic-consumed beings screaming through their lungs as the crackers fire up..

Or perhaps, your clique & yourself standing on high ground, under the starry night filled with bright stars.

For some, is the classic tradition of getting slobbery the moment the countdown hits. 





2014 went by, goodbye.

G'day 2015.

For all - if not, most, 
hope, joy, love, celebration and dreams entwine in their new beginning.

Time ticks and we replay the same events with different people and different settings.

A new job, a better place,
A dream, an additional family,
A good change, a hope..

Isn't that what everyone is looking for?

Hope to live another year better, hope to do better, hope to be better, hope to have a better surrounding, hope to change something, hope to become a somebody to someone, hope for a better forever.

What does it take?

What is there to add to your 2015 to make all that (and more) happen?

Or perhaps, who?

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