Thursday, August 21, 2014

UPDATE: The past two months

Hi thereeeeeee.

I haven't been updating my blog lately, 
so this post is gonna be filled with a stream of pictures from the last two months?

Perhaps I'll attempt a consistency starting next month. maybe.

July: Sarah, Debz and Esther! A.K.A - 'The breakfast club'
Since Sarah came back early last month, we managed to hang out as a groupie and had a sleepover and deep talks about things and yeaaaah.

Pictures with a few of my students :) From Left to Right: Celestiana, Janelle and Faritz!


And then there's Nath (The 'lil brother')

Lunch and talks with Debz

Ama and I :'DD

Mother had her minor op'

chillin' with mother

I had Bibimbap!

Korean with the girls; Jess, Ruth and Anna.

Movies with the bunch (below) - flash photography with Matt and Chriscenterl.

We watched The fault in our stars (2nd time for matt and I). Matt, Chriscenterl, Clement, Jeremiah and Jess!

Congratulations to Vijia for passing a specialisation exam in medicine! 

I started my driving lessons; the 6 hour class ^
I met this superrrr cute girl, Fyza from my first lesson! She was sitting in front of me. Next thing I knew, we were sitting together for lunch. She thought I was like 20, haha. 
She's 24! But looks sooo young.

Babysitting with Jess!
We had the privilege to babysit two twins: Emma and Hannah!

It's so cute. One of them is more of an extrovert, very expressive and active.
The other is more of an introvert, and more passive and shy.

They were so adorable, and it was practically impossible to get a nice photo of all of us together.
So I told Jess to grab one and quickly take a photo.
I grabbed the introverted one, and she no likey.
The result: a blurry photo with the grumps.

So we gave up trying to fit all of us in, and just watched them.
Aren't they cuteeeeeee?

Finally, they took a nap! So I managed to fit all of us in, though, not really. haha.

^ Aw look at her smile on the right :')

HAHAH. Okay. This was hilarious.
She was sleeping, so I decided to take a snap, and next thing I knew, she was staring at me.
O.O heheheh, I found it amusing. She went back to bed straight after though! :D

With the shy one ^

Loveeee this photo of Jess :)

August: Outing with 3/4 of the breakfast club.

We figured we should imitate the penguins, dedicated to a non-present Sarah.



Esther and I started swimming lately, like once a week.
We decided to leave a day for Basketball, Gym and Swimming.
I call it the 'sore day'.

The Sky is so beautiful, it reflects how awesome God is!

My results came out!
HAHA, I passed.
I didn't get an A* though, or an A..
But I got a high B! Which..... wasn't what I hoped for.
But, I am truly grateful!

Because firstly, Maths is not my thang.
I had to take the higher maths - O levels (without calculator for P1) aloneeeeee.
Well, from my school at least. There were like 3 other candidates from elsewhere.
But majority of the peeps in KK did the IGCSE one, where they could use the calculator.
So oh wells, I'm pretty okay with a high B for GCSE Maths.

Secondly, Accounting.
I changed my subject last minute, and had to finish the whole syllabus and past years within 4 months, sooooo I guess I'm pretty happy with what I got.
(It was 1 mark away from and A) T.T' That 1 mark though. :'(
Oh welllllls, Thank God!
I shall work hard for A levels :D

So I visited my friends from my previous school:


Jonah, Haojie, How Uei

Ish, this guy. He wasn't not smiling. poserrrrr :P

And another one of my students, Yi Chen!
Esther said he looks like Haojie, so she asked me to take a selfie with Him.

And lastly, last Sunday!

The view from Sutera Harbour.

My view of Esther

Esther's view of me

Attempting a YaoMing face

'till next time!

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