Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rant: Unnecessary attachments

I'm not sure about you, but I get pretty attached to things.
For example, Korean dramas.

Some time last year, a popular and well-loved drama 'My love from another star' was out.
It was really really good. I even made plans with Esther to slurp on Korean noodles and re-watch it after our exams were over. Never happened though, and I don't think we'll carry that out.

Anyways, the ladies in my family love Korean dramas.
And I remember some time after the drama ended, we were so hooked to the soundtrack, Do min joon(the main starring), the romance itself and so forth. It managed to slip into some of our conversations, my sister even had photos of the drama on her phone!

Now maybe I'm taking things too seriously, but I find it.. well, very unnecessary.
At times where my mum and sister would go on ranting about the drama itself, I find myself asking them not to talk about it. As if I was the one who had a bad break up with Do Min Joon. HA.
Crazy, no? But they responded as if I was being ridiculous.

Really, am I now?
Perhaps I am.
Because I find this overwhelming guilt after indulging in Korean dramas.
Don't you?

Like this very present moment, my mum got us hooked on the current latest 'Fated to love you'.
Boyyyyy, it is so good. I think I prefer it to 'My love from another star'.
But Esther said I'm just 'in the moment'. Maybe, maybe I am.

I'm also quite into playing The Sims. You know, the game?
HAHAH. What has this long break done to me.
I used to play it as a kid, on the computer.

And if you know me, I don't download games on my phone.
In fact, I enjoy downloading educational apps that will help improve my memory or my brain.
Or news applications like Business Insider. Or applications that help you plan or prioritise better.

But I downloaded The Sims, which came out free.
And I am currently accommodating 6 citizens in my 'town'.
And currently still increasing.

You know what, I went to bed feeling guilty for being hooked on it.
I am even having thoughts on whether I should delete the app before it ruins my life.

Why can't I loosen up?
Oh, and it gets worse.

I woke up at 3am+. which by the way, is not usual for me.
You know, those sleeps where you actually slept, but woke up thinking you were like half awake and had only very few hours of sleep?
Yeah, I was shocked to see the clock on my phone staring blankly at me saying 3am+.

It doesn't end there.
I, I'm not sure if it's a dream, or was it a brief moment?

But, I went on The Sims.
To check on how they were doing, whether they've finished planting their plants so I can get them to do something even more productive and time consuming.

WOAH, stahp.
I even remembered playing a duplicate version of The Sims.
Just, well, a lower quality one?

Yeah, I was probably dreaming.
I mean I was like half awake, how could I have gone to The Sims.
Did I even have the patience and ability to do that?
(I usually turn my phone to flight mode before I zzzzzz, which means if I did go on, I had to unlock my phone, turn my flight mode off, click on The Sims, wait for them to 'connect me to the server' and click on each individual sims).
I couldn't possibly have done that.

Which sounds more insane?
To wake up at 3am+ to have this urge to check on my sims.
dreaming that I did that, and even playing another duplicate low quality version.. in my dream?!

(I really need to upgrade my dreams).

Either way, one thing confirmed, I woke up at 3am+.
Oh, and twice.

Tell me about 'Chelsea, you think too much.'
It's true, huh? I got my own conscience to wake me up and drown me in my guilt.

Speaking of attachments, on another more (realistic) note..
I am pretty good at getting rid of them.
Notice I said pretty, not entirely.
Cause who gets rid of attachments entirely huh.

Yes, I'm the kind who likes things clear and defined.
I like to know things beforehand, with details.
And I don't like things lingering around.

I'm the type to delete conversations after they grow pointless and hanging, 
because just the name on my list of chats bothers me.
Perhaps I'm just easily bothered?
I should title this 'Easily bothered' rather than 'Unnecessary attachments'.

I don't know.
Am I being ridiculous or just protective?

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