Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Graduated from high school!

Why hello there!

So Esther, my little sister, graduated from high school and IGCSE some time last month.
Out of the three of us, she's the one who seems to have more general knowledge and be better at academics. Though, she lacks 'common sense' - or so she claims to.
She plans to study medicine, to become a paediatrician since she was young.
I guess all of us kinda knew where we were heading to.
Emmeline (my older sister), is the 'artsy' one. Talented in singing and song-writing, and probably has a more creative handwriting and better sketches/drawings.. is currently studying Pop music.
And Esther, being 16, graduated high-school a month after I did.
I'd say we meet half way.

When we first moved back from New Zealand, we thought we'd be attending the same school.
However, the school suggested that they would put me in yr 12, when I was 16.
And being someone who's not studious and due to other factors, we had second thoughts.

A family friend recommended a homeschooling centre where I could take my time to do my O level examinations. And, so I ended up in Ideal Tuition Centre. My parents figured that my future course (Early Childhood Education) does not require a formal sort of standard, compared to Esther's future course (Medicine), so that's how we were separated. She attended Sayfol International School, and I attended Ideal Tuition Centre.

We graduated together this year, separately.
And it's awesome, because we can take half a year off together.
ANDDDDD, we'll be attending school at the same time next year!

Yeap, Esther and I will be studying A levels together.
She'll be in Science stream, and I'll be in Commerce.
Though, I did think of what a waste it would be, as commerce is pretty unnecessary for my future course. However, I do like business. And intend to open one (or several) in the years to come.
Perhaps it'll be handy?

Anyways, Esther had a proper graduation, which was held in Shangri La.
So here are some of the photos :

Esther's friends and I :) Woon Yee and Linee.
With Poh Yee on the right :)


with the 'rents.

My dad, lol apparently we look alike?

On her graduation, Esther got Scholars Awards for Biology, English and Mathematics!
We were the happy family with huge smiles, as we were so very proud of her!
She was also the head prefect for her school, and she gave a really good speech.

Unfortunately, I can't upload a video of it here. :(

Regardless, I was personally very proud of her.
She did pretty good in her IGCSE examinations as well!
But she won't let me post it here, so I guess you can ask her personally :)

I'm looking forward to what's ahead of us next year.
It's awesome to see people you know graduate.
HAHA, it's a first for me.

Until then,

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