Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rant: A good power source

Hi! I haven't done a rant in awhile.
So here's a topic I'd like to bring up.

As you guys may know, I love to talk about relationships.
I love seeing people in serious relationships, and I like to understand the root of things.

So recently, I have several friends who have been going through different stages of a relationship themselves. 

I find myself asking others and even myself, 
"Why do you like this particular person?"

Of course, along with many other common reasons, I realise that many people tend to view the person they like as their source.

In other words, they find fulfilment and wholeness in the other person. (This could be temporary or long-term. Either way, most people can't really assure you how long feelings would last.)

Let's say, liking someone because they can draw you closer to God.

Now, don't get me wrong.
Having godliness as a trait to admire makes a whole lot of sense.

However, the mindset of it is wrong.
A good and healthy relationship (whether it be a couple relationship, friends or what not.) will naturally draw you closer to God;

But it's when you think by getting closer to someone else, 
will then create a bridge to God.. nope, that's where it's incorrect.

You shouldn't expect to get with someone to then be able to learn about God.
Or start to consider what's Godly, or start to then involve Him in your life.

Before a relationship, you should already have built your strong base of a relationship with God.
Only then, should you consider getting into a relationship with someone else.

For guys, I think having a firm foundation and intimate relationship with God should be vital. For then, they are capable of leading us as girls into experiencing God with them, together. As it is important for a man to be the leader in the family, they are expected to lead - that includes spiritually. How can we as girls follow or learn from them, if a good relationship with God is absent in their lives?

As for girls, it is also as important to have a close relationship with God.
He is ultimately our first love. We should learn how to serve, love and please God before any other guy that takes a place as your boyfriend. We should not depend on finding wholeness or security in other men, but Jesus alone. For He is the only one that can give us what we need. In fact, when you find your identity in Him, you won't find problems of finding yourself with a man.

To summarise it, we're all just human beings.
We need to feed ourselves, we all need something to be complete, and we all lack something.
We all have an emptiness that needs to be fulfilled.
We are all chasing after something, and often, that something is temporary.

So isn't it ridiculous, to have someone else as your source?
Because eventually, they can't give you what you're looking for.
They need something too, and chances are, you don't have that something. Because what they need, is one way the same or another as what you need. So it ends up becoming this cycle.

People go around sucking the lives out of each other, being left drained.
To later be disappointed and frustrated about putting what they have into something that can't give them what they ultimately need.

So I have two self-reflecting questions.

1. Where or Who do you find your ultimate 'source' of living?
2. Is someone else using you as their 'power source'?

And to end this,
whatever or whoever your source is, it's important to identify where you plug into.
Because you need a source that's reliable to be complete. Not a supply that is likely to run out.
And if you find yourself drained from being someone's power source, perhaps you need to re-think who you let plug into your mind, heart and life.

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