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I know I haven't been blogging, but here's a quick one on yesterday.

Yesterday was Sunday.


This week is my last week on duty for Supercrew. I'm a leader for Superjunior (the youngest group in our Kids ministry). Yesterday's assigned theme was on the parable of the lost coin!
So I showed them 2 videos on youtube; one on the lost coin, and one on the lost sheep.

In the midst of the video, I came up with a last-minute game to embrace the theme.
I decided to take out my little coins (Four 5c coins and one 1c coin) and asked my three helpers (Danika, Elytiffany and Grace) to hide them one after the other. The kids then had to find the coin(s) and get to keep them when they do.

It was amusing to watch as after a short while, we got tired of waiting for the coin to be found so we made it more obvious by restricting them to one specific shelf and placed it in sight for them to find. However, they just could not see it. Their hands were so busy ruffling through the books and feet tip toeing and scrambling that they missed what's right in front of them.

Writing this now makes me wonder, am I doing the same in my life?
Am I missing what's right in front of me? Am I searching for something that's right there, but I'm just too caught up with the background and my surroundings?

I don't know. haha

Ashley Esther and I!

We didn't mingle long at church, as my mum is in UK right now.
YAY I can't wait to check out some of the products I requested for her to buy on my behalf.

So dad, Esther and I headed to Suria to buy tickets for Transformers.
We could only get the ones in the evening, and since it was noon, dad decided to go back while Esther and I decided to linger.


YAY the fault in our stars will be out early July so I can't wait to watch it cause it seems like it'll be awesome! :) And of course, my favourite quote from the book is "okay? okay."
Cause you know, okay.


As you guys may know, I got a new phone - so did Esther! We got the same one. She got hers for her partial 16th birthday (and graduation?) present which came early. While I got mine as an 18th birthday present (from myself) haha.

I got the silver (the white looking one) and she wanted the grey (black) one, but it was out of stock, so she ended up with the gold one.

lol we took this at the same time haha.

Our first stop: Beyond veggie

Mind I say, I've been craving a lot of things lately! So we went on a lil food spree.

While waiting for the food.

Fried Shiitake mushrooms with pasta carbonara!

It was AMAZING. I know I started a food blog a while back, and ended up taking it off my public profile because I just can't maintain so many blogs at once. So I think I just gotta stick with this one.

Just a little info on Beyond Veggie!

If I'm not mistaken, it's a branch from Secret Recipe.
It's a vegetarian restaurant?
The service for Beyond Veggie in Suria is so much better than the Secret recipe in Suria.

So far, this is the only thing I tried - I've only been here twice. And I ordered the same thing (lol) cause it's just THAT good.

The. Mushrooms. Are. PERFECT.

Oh and it's slightly pricey. Like the secret recipe menu. Perhaps around 20+ for one a la carte dish, at final price. For side dishes, probably more.

We left feeling satisfied and full - in a right way.

Next craving, OCHADO:

We used to live on this.

When we first came back, Esther and I almost always feed on Ochado.
I came here for quite a number of times, that I managed to get like 2/3 free drinks.
You know, like you get those cards and they stamp it for ya, and if you get like 10 stamps, you get a free drink? Something around that number.

And once, it was such a funny situation.
I was paying for my drink and then one of the male workers who was at the cashier was like OH! and I thought I made a mistake or something, but he gave me a piece of paper and said "Uh, Can I have your facebook?". I was with my cousin at the time, and she started laughing so hard that I felt so awkward.
But yeah, he doesn't work there anymore. lol.
Or atleast we didn't see him the last time we went.

Grape Yogurt with Aloe Vera

And for dessert: Baskin Robbins!

Caramel Chocolate chip (I think?)
Esther and I shared one and it was sooooo good

sooo.. I got another one.

And this time, it was Hokey Pokey and Le deuche something lol. It was equally as yummy as the other.

Finally, for the last stop: Sushi Tei!

I decided to treat Esther for her early birthday dinner so yeah!
I love food tons, and I love eating with my sister in particular!
Like man, I so have to get a boyf that I can be so comfortable with because dining together is an important aspect. And I tend to lose my appetite with some people that I don't normally dine with.
You know, like my sister and I just get each other. haha.
Like regarding sharing portions, bills and convos - she's on point.

I was checking for stuff on my teeth on her front camera and she took a photo so yolo.

So I shall end this post with a toilet selfie #shamelessselfies
HAHAHA that's actually what Esther said when we took this.


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