Tuesday, June 24, 2014


This early morning, I started my day by praying with a friend over Skype.
We started this prayer habit together early last week, and it's been refreshing and encouraging for me!
Personally, I'm not confident when it comes to praying with another being.
In fact, I have never really prayed willingly with someone else.
So this is a good start!

This post is a compilation of songs which I find very hopeful and inspiring.
Today's prayer list consisted of a repeated name of a person we prayed for recently.
It's someone we hold our concerns for and that someone may have gone further away in faith.

Anyways, I know I wrote a post some time early last year which included the same songs.
But I truly think it's worth writing and sharing about again, so yeah!

So this can be like a playlist that matches up with your feelings.

Here goes, all these songs are by the inspiring and absolutely heart-warming, Tenth Avenue North!

The Struggle

when/what you're feeling: You are struggling with something - whether it be temptations, faith, poverty, depression, loneliness and need hope.

By your side

what/when you're feeling: lonely, hopeless, lifeless, meaningless, confused, doubtful - and when you need to hear what God has to say.


what/when you're feeling: tired, burdened, worn out, used - when you feel like giving up


what/when you're feeling: guilty, sad, doubtful, pain- like you need to tell God how you feel, and when you need his assurance and grace

Hold my heart

what/when you're feeling: tired of waiting, heartbroken, doubtful - when you need to just vent out to God and hear Him and how real He is.

Empty my hands

what/when you're feeling: empty and yet burdened at the same time; trapped, tired.. when you have a handful and distracted.


what/when you're feeling: unloved, guilty, undeserving, like you need to hear what God has to say

Let it go

what/when you're feeling: prideful - when you need answers

Love is here

what/when you're feeling: hungry, tired, lonely, hopeless, unloved

Any other way

what/when you're feeling: heartbroken, in pain, okay - when you need to hear what God has to say about your circumstances and feelings

Happy Listening! :)

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