Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You can't sit with us

Um. You can't sit with us..

(Mean girls reference: It's apparently the 10th year anniversary today!)

Hi there! *wave

I'm a bit happy, but I'm also a bit sad.
I mean, I really really made several memories.
Though they're not thaaaaat great, they're still pretty memorable!

Me: *takes phone out. Uei, photo
How Uei: no
Me: mhhh ueeeeeeiiiiii take a photo, it's my last week!
How Uei: waaaaait

- after several minutes  -

Me: how ueiiiiii >:(

How Uei: *does a creepy smile
Me: teehee.

First person I spoke to upon arrival (at school): My buddy, How Uei!
He's been quite an awesome friend to me ever since we met.
Yes, quite. haha jokes!
Despite the downs (a.k.a silent and comfort zone kinda drift apart times), 
we always end up in our cheesy silly comfy friendship shell!

The person I sat next to for the past 1 and 1/2 years +,
swapping phones, life stories, questions, mood swings, pick up lines and lame jokes..
it has gotta be him.


(With Manny on the left, Mei Teng on the right!)

Had lunch with Haojie, How Uei and Manny on Monday!

At the end of 2012, at the early phases of out friendship.. With Haojie, Foo and How Uei!

HAHA. It's funny because we reflect the stereotypical relationship for early and later stages.
At the early stages of being friends with How Uei and Haojie,
they were superrrrrr nice to me. Always opening the doors, greeting me, waiting for me, checking up on me, being all polite, giving me all them attention, etc. And then after...
Wellllll, haha. they're still nice. But in a way that real friends would be nice to you, yaknowwww? Like to a certain extent? hahaha. Nah, they're still awesome. They open the doors for me still, check up on me every now and then, but the feeling and intentions back then were different!
HAHA, now we're all in the comfortable zone.
They check girls out too often - almost everytime a girl walks by, 
the both of them look at each other, exchange this look, and then I glare at them, and we all end up laughing.
Like, is it not the stereotypical relationship? lewl.

Once, I was having lunch with them;
And an old memory came up, and I can't help but feel embarrassed.
So I have this thing for clean cutlery.
When I first came back, I ALWAYS check my cutlery, wipe them real clean and all.
But I'm better now, in the sense that I'm not assssss OCD.

I remember I used to prepare all our cutlery, wipe them, and lay them out.
And Haojie was like "You're so kind."
I don't do that anymore, now we're just like I take mine, you take yours. yolo.

Before and after friendship right there.

hahahah but I love them, they're awesome friends to have.

Our used-to-be all time favourite fried rice at our old spot! Went back there for old times sake. I was all smiles that lunch time, all four of us had the same thing! :D

so fabulous

Official Last Day : Wednesday

Haojie; Likewise, he joined our triangular friendship from Day 1.
They make a pair. And over time, I got to know him better, especially this year!
We are the Student Representatives together! yipee. Well, were. As of today.
He makes a nice friend, and what can I say, they make it fun together.

Brennan joined our lunch date today! I'm actually not reaaaally close to him.
In fact, we could pass as acquaintances just a few months ago..
But at some point, we were well-acquainted, due to a small Bible Study I formed with Isaac, Joshwell and him about last year! And then it was strangers again once the bible study group was put aside. Besides, it was short-term. But recently, we re-connected, because I found his youtube channel!
So we bonded over that, he's a cool guy to watch.
Check him out on Bren Ray !
Anddddd, he borrowed me the oh so famous and loved book : The fault in our stars, by John Green!

WHICH, I completed within a week! I could have finished it earlier, but with my studies and all, yer.

Brennan and I are like all smiles and yay! And Sam is like.. :B erk AHAHHAA love ya babe

And the snapchat photos! Add me: cheelsealee

derp with babe

The End of my afternoon!

Fabulous guys, I had fun!
Oh, and they all single.

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