Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blog Challenge: Best advice


Honestly, I have not received an advice worth titling as "The Best".
Well, actually, it's either that or I just can't remember.
So the only advice(s) that came to mind is:

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."


"Delay gratification."

one or the other, you pick.

Both were advised by my dad - ha. I don't know the real quot-er(?) though, so yeah.

Sorry for that quality
I'd say the first one applies to me more, just because I'm a complete planner-kinda person.
Like, I am not a spontaneous person. I guess I could come up with things on the spot, but I'd rather not.
I love writing things down. Like I like planning my monthly and weekly goals, my finances, mark my fitness attendance, state my meals, check for coming events, etc.
Perhaps, I would do a separate blogpost on planning.

HAHA. It's kinda like a hobby/interest/obsession/habit; my sister said this the other day:
"I've never seen someone plan so much before."
I'm sure it wasn't a compliment, apparently that's all she sees me do during my study hours.

I would love diary planners/organizers/anything to do with planning/organizing as gifts.
Like, yeah. An obsession it is.

Delay your gratifications is a quote used too frequently by my dad, especially regarding studies and finances.
Oh, wanna go out?
"CHELLLLL, have you heard of the quote delay gratification?"
Wanna buy more things?
"Chellllll, have you heard of delay gratification?"

I believe in delaying gratifications... to a certain extent.
I mean it's important to manage your priorities and to have self-control.
However, you can't always use it as your life motto.

This is how I see it.

Delay gratification Chel! Study hard so you can get into uni.
*gets into uni
Delay gratification Chel! Study hard to get a degree.
*gets out of uni with a degree
Delay gratification Chel! Go find a job
*Finds a job
Delay gratification Chel! Find a man to marry
*Gets married
Delay gratification Chel! Have kids
*Have Kids
*Delay gratification Chel! Work hard for your kids

And nek minnit, you'll be old and wrinkly and there's like nothing to look forward to.

I mean yes, in all those stages, delay your gratifications to a certain extent.
But don't postpone everything far down the line, or you'd just miss your chance.

You'll always have something coming up, so I think learning to balance your priorities is a good skill to have.

Anywaaaaays, exams in a week + !
EEP. Shall blog in a bit :D

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