Thursday, May 8, 2014

This one's for you

A few years have gone by, im here now and you're over there.
I still remember the few promises we made;

You'll wait, and we'll meet back at where we met, three years down the road.
But now, I'm here regretting all we ever had.

We were so different, so incompatible. Yet, they loved you with me.
I couldn't really see the purpose,  but at the end I gave in and gave more than I really should.

Wasted tears, that last night.. though you're worth more than that.
I wish I didn't,  I'd wish now that we didn't..
I wish I never made you hope on 36 hearts and words which are worthless now.

I'm unsure if you're still waiting, and im sorry, for this. For last time and all.
If you're waiting on someone else, my heart truly wishes the best for you,  because you deserve someone, who thinks and feels like you.

But if you're still reading the 13 hearts to go, 
I need you to know, that I'm not the same person you fell for..

When I was young, I didn't know how to love. 
Even though I was vulnerable, my heart was closed off.
I guess I was just mesmerized by the thought of you, or how I thought you loved me so.

You were gentle at heart, had a short temper, but had the best smile.
You were quick to act, fast to feel. You do things your heart doesn't want. 
You walked off angry a lot, and I liked to think I could tame it.

You did things I would never do, and you would do it behind my back. 
But in the end, I almost always found out, and you seemed to love the way I cared.

Your eyes lit up the room when you smiled. 
All of them loved your humour,  though I was never quite amused.

You were so much like a little boy, upset one moment, and happy the next.
You seemed to love me, according to you and others.

But you didn't know me. You didn't know what I liked, 
how I thought,  or how I was brought up.

You didn't really know my heart, or intentions. 
You never really saw what I needed.

Like the others, you were probably in love with us.

Love can be easily given, and quick to misinterpret. 
I think that was you,  and I in some ways.

But now I know better, and had the chance to love; 
unfortunately what we had wasn't it.

And it seems delusional to still hang on, because the both of us have changed, 
whether it be better or worse.

And so the next time our eyes meet, if ever, that is..
I hope, that in yours wouldn't be the same sad eyes from five years ago.
and mine won't hold the same thoughts or caress..

Then when we meet again, I know despite the smiles and laughs we'll put on, 
we'll look at each other with a sad glimmer of our last goodbye,
And turn away, like how we did the last July.

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