Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I won't lie, my mind repeats it over and over.

It's been running through, and I find you in my intentions.

It's funny how your initial purpose contradicts;
Because now I'm left hanging,  when I was just fine before.

To approach or not to, I don't really know.

A bank of words will just continue to grow.

Subconsciously,  im waiting;

For something, a direction,  a plan, a clear intention.

But im aware,  that im hanging.
Lingering for..

Perhaps it's better,  for now.

Cause what can we offer,
When clearly we aren't capable of giving.

And so it seems easy to divert a distraction, but as for me, both ways becomes an obstacle.

So here I am stuck in between,
Silent in the midst of my thoughts.

You've left me undone, again

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