Friday, April 4, 2014

Blog Challenge: Likes and Dislikes

Hello Marshmallowsssss :D

Truth be told, I like and dislike many things.
And since I've made a blogpost on 100 things I like
I'll try to think of 3 things I really really like, and 3 things I really dislike;
and elaborate on them :)

I like deep talks. I dislike (pointless, typical) small talk.

As much of an extrovert people think i am, I realized I tend to have preferences and habits regarding communication.
About a few days ago, a friend of mine said this.

"Hey Chelsea"
'Hey, yes?'
"Ermm i know you don't like this sort of thing like asking how you are and stuff
But is it ok to ask??"

And I kinda laughed. So I opened up to the conversation and said

'Haha :)
It's not that I don't like it
I just find small talk pointless
But once every now and then, should be fine.
Im okay :) And you?'

So truthfully, it's very rare to find me starting a conversation first.
Because I wouldn't unless I have a reason to.
And need I explain, if you've been in a heart to heart conversation with me,
I really like topics regarding relationship, values, finance, past experiences, beauty, fitness, things that make people generally better or worse, etc.
Pretty much topics that leave my heart thumping, mind thinking, ears open, eyes gazing and life-changing.

And I tend to not be so interested in conversations that end up with "I'm fine, and you?"
Or "nothing much, you?"

I like water, I dislike soft drinks.

A year+ ago at Lucy's Kitchen
If you've dined with me before, you'd know that I really love my water.
Like seriously, I really love water.
And as a kid, I've never been the type to indulge in junk foods; instead, I loved my carbs, meat and water.
And almost everywhere I go, I order water.
Most people think I'm healthy or just ordering it for the sake of thirst.
But I really do enjoy drinking water somehow. haha.
However, apart from water, I like Soyamilk, Green tea, and milkshakes!
OH, and at times, iced milo, honey green tea from yoyo or something like such.

BUT. It's very rare to find me ordering soft drinks.
Because I dislike the taste of coke, pepsi, Sprite, 100+, etc.

I like dancing!

Probably about 4 years ago with the girls at PCBC :)
Love Feast 1

3 years ago with a group of our youths! :D Performing Reconciliation

For Love Feast 2

About 1 year + ago with the girls at SIB Likas, for Powerhouse's 10th yr anniversary.

Sooooo I actually really like dancing!
I never really attended any dancing classes or what not..
But I admire girls who can dance, and I enjoy dancing!

My very first experiences of really dancing and performing, was when I was 12. 
I performed with a small group of girls to the song Disturbia for our class assembly.
I was probably so clueless and all, but I really enjoyed it!
And when I was 13 and 14, I danced with a few other girls to the exact same song,
 but for different school events.

The other dance performances I participated in were in church.
The first one was for the first love feast I attended;
A group of us did a dance to a Christian song.

The second was for the second love feast;
It was like a dance-drama, which I really enjoyed!
I got the lead part, and it was a great experience.

And the last dance production I was in was the start of last year;
I did a hip-hop mix kinda dance with the C.A.T.S crew.
They were really talented, and like the others, I had fun!

So dancing isn't actually a talent/gift for me.
But probably a hidden passion? HAHA. I would like to learn HipHop after my exams though!
FunFact: I wanted to learn Ballet when I was younger but my parents didn't let me :(

I dislike sports with a lot of foot skills

As a kid, I was pretty active.
I loved to participate in activities and all.
And as a pre-teen, my favourite sports/activities to play were dodgeball, flags and basketball.
HAHA btw just because I liked basketball then, doesn't mean I was good at it ^.^'
I just liked it for the fun of it; but put me in a real game, and I'd probably hate it.

But as I grew older, I tend to lean towards sports which are more idk, passive?
So I enjoy badminton and captainball.

One sport I absolutely am sure I dislike is.. football.
I know, I'm sorry you soccer fans.
But I am definitely bad with my foot.
Like I've played futsal, I broke my toenail. AND I WAS WEARING SHOES T.T
And somehow, I really suck at kicking a ball with my foot.

I mean people say to kick it with like the sides of your foot or something,
but I feel more comfortable kicking with like the top of my foot.
And Idk, soccer just isn't for me I guess :X

I'm sorry, I couldn't find a photo with my vivid face. But this was my basketball team!

And the usual SIB LIKAS group for Captainball! About a year + ago! :)

And that sums up 3 likes and dislikes! :D

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