Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog Challenge: Introduction


About a month away from my major exams, but I've decided to take on a blog challenge.
Actually, I planned to do this blog challenge last month.
However, I failed miserably because of my constant juggle with school, tuitions, work, study, socializing, being fit and healthy, etc.

But it's a new month and although I missed the first two days, I decided to have another attempt at completing this blog challenge!

And the list goes:

Blog Challenge -

1. Intro and recent photo
2. Likes and Dislikes
3. My day in great detail
4. 5 places I want to visit
5. Best advice
6. Something for my kids to know
7. Something I'd like to say to three people
8. Pet peeves
9. Current Read
10. What's in my purse(bag)?
11. Throwback photos
12. How similar am I to my parents
13. Bucket List
14. 20 facts about me
15. My schedule
16. A difficult time in life
17. Something I miss
18. top 5 moments in life
19. A favourite quote
20. Three confessions
21. A letter to someone
22. 7 things that crosses my mind alot
23. Five ways to win my heart
24. My meals for today
25. My top 3 feared situations
26. Something I look forward to
27. My personality
28. Daily routine
29. What kind of person attracts me
30. My siblings

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