Friday, March 21, 2014

We won't love the same way twice

I would pick one to talk about, but they all seemed worth the boast.
The pictures, memories, words and feelings run over and over again.

What's the difference between moving on and letting go, would you have known?

As close as skin to skin,
I could even feel your heartbeat.

My finger traces your features,
the ones that were once familiar.

How can you get so close,
And have your mind else where?

How do you lose yourself,
In a place known to you?

A love-hate game of evasion, we seem to play.

Do your walls tremble, 
Do you need to re-build it up?

I can't even look at you,
The face that was so close to mine.

We can't even stay in the same place,
When we're probably just miles apart.

Now twelve months gone by,
you're probably doing well.

And there's not much to be done,
So I guess this is our farewell.

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