Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blog Challenge: My day in great detail


So just a quickie, it's very unlikely that I'll be posting a blogpost on Saturdays.
This is because I'm literally usually out the whole day.
I have work for 8 hours straight, a half an hour break in the middle.
An hour break after work, and straight to youth after.
And then supper 'till like 11ish, and by the time I settle back home, I'm exhausted.

And I would've done this post on a Sunday.
But I pretty much had this;

Sunday; Church : Supercrew's 5th year anniversary
Came home, read manga and napped for hours.
Woke up, ate dinner, studied, devotion, slept.
So... I wouldn't wanna go into detail to that.

However, today wasn't exactly extraordinary either.
But I'll try to make it as detailed as possible.
And if you have the spare time to be left amused or bored, read on.

My day:


I woke up at 7ish am - which I don't usually always.
Esther was right next to me.
(She's on holiday, so she decided to sleepover for like the entire 2 weeks -.-')
It was quite early, so I slept back. 
But I remembered I had a dream.

my dream

In it, featured 2 famous Singaporean youtubers.
Jian Hao and Naomi.
They were dating and they broke up and yeah.
HaoJie appeared in my dream too, and apparently he broke up.
(But he's single in person so yeah lewl.)

We were in an event filled with teenagers/young adults.
It was like a high end event.
And somehow I was walking in shallow pool water.
Like the whole place was like a pool, but not exactly a pool?
Sheesh, idk. I don't usually dream weird things.

But then I received a text from Jian Hao and Hao Jie that they broke up (with their separate gfs),
and so I had the urge to meet up with them separately to comfort them or what not.
But as I went away from the crowd and into this fancy entrance, I saw a creepy guy in a cloak at a distant.
And then before I knew it, he started chasing me.
not like love chasing. but like running after me kinda chasing.
(LOL I've been reading too much Detective Conan; I'm on episode 290+)

It was super hard to run, since the event was placed on like shallow water?
And then Jian Hao, Naomi and this other guy were like chasing each other in like a dancing motion?
LOL OMG DONT JUDGE ME. I don't control my dreams!

So then I thought they were fooling me, and I started to run back into the crowd to look for Hao Jie.
And then yeah,
I woke up around 7.40am to get ready for school.

The usual morning routine;

Played some Christian music to sing along to.
Chilled teaspoons under my eyes, gulped a cup a water.
Poured another glass in the same cup, got an empty mug with a teaspoon (For my Melilea Soyamilk).
Went to pee, washed my hands, brushed my teeth, brushed my tongue, washed my face.
Took a shower, dried myself, woke mother up.

Face routine: tone, eye roll on, moisturizer, face sunblock.
Moisturized my body, applied deodorant, changed to my clothes, sprayed perfume.

Had my breakfast; drank soyamilk, ate the leftovers of my Seafood fried rice last night for breakfast.

*wow I'm so exhausted to type this all out in detail

Make up routine: Applied BB Cream with my fingers, applied concealer, Line bottom lashes with eyeshadow, curl lashes, apply mascara. Blusher, bronzer and I'm done.


A very very very very bad habit of mine, I'm almost always late.
Like oh gosh, it's not even funny, I've been aiming to go to school early, or at least ON TIME.
But no, impossible for me. agh. Help. I really need to break this habit.

This week, mocks.
Today: Maths P1
No calculator, it was decently tough.

After school

So because Esther is on holiday, we have been studying/working out/sleeping together.
Today's study spot was BK and Coffee Bean.

My full of fats lunch

Caramel ice blended is sooooo good, probs better than Starbucks.

tada, the skies were so pretty after my gym session!

ft. my towel-faced sister


And that was two weeks ago.


like wow, I'm so sorry guys.
Always, here's a pre-sorry for the next few weeks too. sorry.
I've been pretty busy, trying to collect photos and my thoughts for the upcoming blogposts;
The month is about to end, and I'm only up to the 3rd blog challenge.
wow. wowe. wooooooow.

I'll get onto it.

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