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Blog Challenge : 5 places I want to visit

Hi there!

Have you ever asked/answered someone where they'd like to go for honeymoon?
I happen to have been in a few conversations, being both the one who asked and answered.
And is it just me, or does it get a bit awkward and feel intentional when somehow you both happen to state the same places for honeymoon- especially if the person is not in the friend zone?
no? Just me? 'cause I think I'm not gonna ask someone that again.

It's like;
"So, if you had to pick 3 places to go for honeymoon, where would you go?"
"Hm, France, uh Paris?"
"Ooh, really? But Paris is actually mostly sight-seeing and for oldies. I mean, it's called the city of love, but I don't think it's like yaknow the ideal for newlyweds..?"
"Oh... really? Hm.. and you?"
"Probably America,"
"Oh my gosh, hi-five! I'd like to go to America too."

(Okay, understood. America has amazing shopping, food, everythaanggg - or so it seems. So I'll let this pass to be coincidentally acceptable)

"And the last?"
"Hm.. probably Hawaii or something.."
"OOOH, yeah! Tahiti or BoraBora would be nice. They have like those see-through windows on the floor of your resort house? Like yaknow, ain't that lovely... yaknow, like I mean.."
"yeah! .. Well like, yeahh... it's good for honeymoons.."

And then this is when it gets kinda awks, 'cause now I'm either thinking:

Hey maybe I'll happen to see you and your newlywed spouse being all romantic and all there, in a really romantic island where it's all about being physically affectionate and all. yaknow yaknow yaknooooow?


it kinda sounds to me like I'll be your newly wed spouse yaknow, yaknow, yaknooow.


Yeah, let's not go on.


5 places I want to visit:

(currently - as of April, 2014)

1. Tokyo, Japan

I'm sure you'd know by now, my favourite type of food is indeed Japanese.
However, as much as Japanese food tastes brilliant in other countries not of its origin,
there's something about eating authentic Japanese food from Japan.

Being an Asian myself, there's somehow a peculiar concept about other Asian cultures that I find I'd never be accustomed to. Like I love Asian countries, they seem to have a similarity in all of them, yet, so distinctive from one another.

Japan is known to have a crazy sense of fashion; Like everyone there is probably so into style it'd be interesting to see. I heard that they are really loyal and well-mannered people aswell! Food would be amazingggggg, I bet. So Japan definitely made it to my list of places I'd want to visit.

2. Seoul, Korea

Now, I've considered Koreans to be a super race.
I mean like Korean celebrities look beautiful, they are all literally clones of each other.
Almost all of them have a similar ideal body type: tall and slim in the right kinda way.
Like all of them - by them, I mean celebrities; They seem to have the exact pair of legs!
They seem to be talented and smart, acquiring perfect faces and hair, etc.
IDK. But I've considered about them being a super-race.

Like woah, their food is freaking delicious.
It seems as if all Korean mummies are born make the yummiest food.
And have I mentioned, their korean dramas make such an international impact.
And Korean style is just so classy, and fashionable.
What's there not to like?

Like Korean culture is just so lovable.

However, the celebrities are to thank, as they are the ones who set a huge part of that.
oh, and the food. defo the food.

3. NYC, America

AMERICAAAAA, like The country.
Seriously. Anything and everything, or most things at least, seem to begin from America.
I mean, America has everything, no?

Shopping, food, lifestyle, you name it.
I look forward to all of that, so America, a must go.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

And of course, Bangkok!
Unfortunately, still under the list of countries I've never been.
We had tickets booked for Thailand last year, but due to the political chaos, it was cancelled.

Bangkok is for sure one of the next few countries I reaaaally want to go.
Shopping, I heard, is absolutely brilliant.
The style is apparently up to date and reasonably priced.

And of course, I've recently fallen in love with Thai food.
Oh my, so so good.

5. London, UK

The accent, like wow it's alluring. haha.
I wanna experience a full on British accent in person and just be blown away.
Something about the view of the city is also very stunning.
Somehow historical, and yet beautiful in many ways.
I'm sure the architecture of the landscape gives off a dream-like feeling;

And of course, I'd love to shop in UK.
Almost similar to America, I think?
Just probably a more high end feel.


So that's 5 places I'd love to visit!
As you may be able to pin point, all 5 places I named were the capital of the countries.
I'm very much a city person, and the mission for holiday trips for me is pretty much shopping.

Like reasonable good shopping + yummy out of this world food = best holiday trip

*Photos used are not from me, but obtained from from random users.

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