Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March updates


I'm a cute baby hedgehog

I knoooooooow.
it's super duper cute!
And I also know,
I haven't been blogging for quite awhile.. And these are my reasons:

- I changed my subject from Biology to Accounting last month!
- I've been super duper busy with work, tuitions, studying, going out, events, etc.
- I don't have enough spare time because I use majority of it napping, exercising and scrolling through my social networks.

Yes, I'm sooooooo sorry for the slow updates.
With the holiday posts which is waaaaay due, the island trip which was like quite awhile ago.

But I'll be frank, there were times where I attempted to start a post,
but never finished. MANY times in fact. You have no ideaaaaa.

So like this one, I am trying to do a rough post in under 30mins.
(Yes, 30mins. You'd be surprise how long it takes to make a proper post!)

It's March! Wowe.
As you guys may know, I'm the type of person who loves new beginnings.
That means whenever a new month flies by, I rejoice because it's like a new chance to improve.
lol that optimistic spirit.

But yeah, unfortunately, I let myself down with unachieved goals..
I actually planned on doing a blog challenge this month,
but since I missed the first 11 days, I may just postpone it next month, or after my exams.

So I'll cut the crap, but I've been super busy since I changed my subject last minute.
Like above, from Biology to Accounting.
So I only had 3 months to finish my syllabus, past years, and exercises!
And just yesterday, I finished my syllabus! YAAAAAY!
For a subject that takes 1-2years, I cramped it all in a month.
I know it's not a good way of studying, but I honestly had to, with the last minute changes and all.

However, with God's favour and strength, I was able to! yay!

anyways, I'll do a little photo update.

Before my haircut two/three Sundays ago
I decided to cut my hair T.T It's like super short now.
Okay, not superrr short but that was before my haircut.
and now it's like... short. WAAAAAH :(
I decided to cut my hair because it was super damaged.
But now I'm planning to grow it out, and dye it after my exams! YAY
However, for now, I'm always pinning my hair back or tying it up, or something. lol

Jess, Jesse and Jeremiah! All the J's >.<'
About two weeks ago, Jesse and Jer' came to visit our youth! yay! :)

Ladies High Tea event!

There were about 800 of us - I think!

Debsss and I!

Our menu for the evening!

The fooodd

With Ariel :)

My outfit two Sundays ago - which I posted on Instagram. lol I don't usually do ootds
Also, just a little fact about me.
Starting this year, I decided to wear heels every Sunday as a training time for me. lol
And the above picture, I'm wearing about 3/4 inches wedges which I upgraded this month after wearing my flatforms (below picture) for the past few months.
Suprisingly, I can walk in these wedges now without feeling much pain! yay!
improvement :D

And my ootd for High tea lol. 

I also played badminton with the guys!

Decided to do a weekly cardio with them as motivation for my fitness. 
hahaha. and they're a fun bunch to play with :)

Anyways, half an hour is up.

I shall blog more in details.
bye love yous

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