Sunday, March 2, 2014


Another bad dream caused my awakening. I woke up with bitterness as tears streamed down my face; Sobbing uncontrollably, I sat up tracing my feelings with my thoughts.

The person who once comforted me from my childhood nightmares took a different turn this time. Instead, a monster in a good night's sleep.

Or perhaps I'm only seeing the monster inside of me. The monster with the collection of my inner thoughts and feelings pushed aside.

In reality, im able to confront my difficulties to nurture my character.  I'm capable of keeping my emotions intact.  And the voice inside my head is one of positivity.

A stable mind,  strong heart and an optimistic character is what I opt for.

But the monster of bitterness probably knows that, so haunting my dreams - where I'm unsure, not in control and unable to relate to my spiritual self, I fall.

In my dream I slept with anger;  only to awaken with bitterness and tears.

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