Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 2014

H E L L O    D A R L I N G !

It's about mid Feb, and I know I've only been doing updates for the last few posts,
but bear with me! I plan on doing a small blog challenge next month.

Plus, my sister will be leaving in a week.
So I'll make time to be more organised - not that she affects my schedule anyways.
But I just feel that a new month is always a great start!
(And having the room all to myself gives me more space to clean and do my devos)

And moving on:

wow, it's already mid-feb!
That's pretty cray.
Time is going by soooo fast, it seems like it was a blink away.

In fact, a year went by so fast!
Like super fast.
It feels as if time is the only thing that moves on..

Anyways, a little update for this week!


My early valentines gift for myself:
Thomas Sabo pearl and tiny cross charm!

When I saw this charm, i really liked it.
Firstly, I've always wanted something like a cross necklace or something like such.
Secondly, I always wear pearl earrings.
Like all the time.
I reckon it gives a pretty elegant and girly look haha.
And lastly, it reminded me of my relationship with God.

Awhile back, I was telling my sister about what a pearl could reflect.
If I'm not mistaken, a pearl is made when a foreign substance penetrates part of the oyster;
The oyster will be irritated, and to protect itself, it covers the irritant area with nacre substance which also forms the shell. This eventually forms the pearl!

1 Corinthians 13:1-7, 13

The night before valentines, I figured I'd search verses regarding about love.
As I was going through some, I came across 1 Corinthians 13.
I've read this verse before, but it's such a great reminder, especially for valentines!
I wanted to fold these little notes into hearts and give them out to several people in my life,
but ended up keeping them in my diary as a reminder to love.

On Valentines day itself..

I went on a date with Hao Jie.

lewl, just jokingggggg.
After school, I changed my school top to a mufti top,
and it felt a bit weird cause you know when people give you looks with hidden thoughts.

Anyways, my sister and Haojie did a cover!
So he followed me that day; and this girl asked if we were going on a date,
and just for the jokes, we went along with it. HAHA.
but no, i had other last minute plans.

Lunch at Hana with the lovely Jeremiah, Jesse and Jessica! :)

Lunch Set: Sashimi - surprisingly filling!

Jeremiah and Jesse were super cuteeee, haha together ;D

Then Starbucks after!

Groupie photo! teehee
I genuinely had a great time!
They are such great company to have, and it's nice for a change.
They're all great people. And, they're all single ;D 

Fun fact: Jeremiah and I were best-friends 14 years ago!

Ending the night, Chap Goh Meh with the family and relatives from mother's side.

With my older 'twin' sister! 


ahaha with my little cutie

and my fav Ama ;

All my ang pows!

And a few of the nice packages for 2014!
First cell together as Exers!

with Godiva!

Celebrated Jasmine's early birthday! w. my awesome cell leader!

And Mei Shing! :)
I'm sorry this is upside down :c
We did this activity where we had to write what we like about ourselves in the circle, and pass the paper around for everyone else to write something nice about what they think of you! It made me all mushy and stuff! 

I also had a great time for our first cell, and I'm looking forward to get to know the girls in my cell!

Sunday Funday

with my sisters :)

Happy February,
May this month be filled with joy and love!

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