Friday, February 7, 2014


  1.                                                                   a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

w h y   h e l l o   t h e r e ;

I know there's been quite the silence recently.. 
but I do hope things are not awkward between us.

SO HIIIIIII. I mean, it's only been like, a month.. plus.
I sincerely apologize! I know a month+ is really nasty.
And I'm sorry for those who constantly visit my blog but to only find disappointment.

I know I give this excuse for my most my delays,
but I've been super duper busy.

My sister asked me the other day,
"When are you gonna blog?" like twice.

And really, I am sorry.
It's not that I don't wanna blog.
Because trust me, the drafts are piling:

KL part 1
How I study part 2
Rant: mean girls- and boys
35 random questions


and the list goes on.

But to cut the crap, these are my reasons:

1. I haven't found enough time to blog
2. I don't have inspiration
3. I have too much on my mind to stay on topic
4. I have too many holiday photos to sort out
5. I have too many upcoming events to blog about, that by the time it's posted, it'll be months after. >.<'

So for this post, I'll do a brief update.

Childhood friends from KL came to visit us for several days:

Kah Lok, Kah Ai, (myself) and Em.

um yeah, we cray

yay, all of us jumping!
During Chinese New Year:

my cousin and I!

Sheleen! :D
13 years before!

13 years after, with Ashley!
planning on doing a sister's tag!

with my beloved Ama!

And with popo!

I also did a bit of shopping... :D

some studying motivation snacks, masks and eyshadows for my friends from Tony Moly, some gum for part of my dental routine, and a singlet and sweat shorts - which are super duper comfy from Cotton On!

A Yoga mat from guardian, Melilea Organic powder drink and Organic Soya Milk for health/beauty purposes, lace bandeau, powder wipes, gel spot cushions for heels, body-shaping undergarments(?), tribal and daisy jumpsuits from Cotton on!

Last weekend, we went to Gaya Island Resort with a few other family friends!
Ivan, myself, Esther and Emmeline!

The beautiful GIR!

Recently, I've also been super obsessed with the Korean drama...

My love from another star! :))))))

Do min joon!
 It's sooooooooooo good! I definitely recommend it to everyone!
I told most of my classmates about it, even my teacher!
And got a guy friend of mine hooked! teehee.
You can watch it on sensentv or dramago :)

Last but not least...

I got my Business and Commerce results!

I was super duper hyped! Praise God! :)
I got an A for Business Studies, and A* for Commerce!
So now, I have 2A* (English and Commerce) and 1A (Business Studies)!

And I have two more subjects to go:
I'm currently doing Maths and Human and Social  Biology.
They cancelled Human and Social, and we were told only two weeks ago!
So I have only 3 months to finish the Biology syllabus and past years.

I'm hoping for an A* for both these subjects;
However, these two subjects are my weakest :X
But I shall rely on God, and I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
So for the next few months, I'll be busy studying!

In fact, I've been busy studying and working for the last one month!
Like honestly, I have quite a tight schedule, my guy best friend told me to get a life :'(
But it's only for the first six months, so I shall persevere!

Anyways, it's getting late, and I have eight hours of work tomorrow and a whole night of cell with the girls!
I shall blog when I can. Until then,

God bless all of you!
Happy Chinese New Year! :)

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